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self-portrait as a girl, looking at horses

The Thing camera

Nils Karsten
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Nuclear Football

Reunion of Extra Shadows

...Someone spills the pitcher of water.
Bob throws Melissa a wad of napkins.
The box of impatiens along the wall beneath
the ivy, an August from childhood:
wet January, cool June, poppies on the foothills.
Listen, John says. No, listen

James Harms
Poetry Daily Mar.30.04


Ross Bagdasarian

...but now
Aram Saroyan occasionally e-mails political jokes to me
and I remember reading once that he was up
for the part that Dustin Hoffman got in The Graduate,
which was the first movie I ever saw in an airplane, flying from Seattle
to New York. The movie opens on a tight close-up of Benjamin. You can’t
tell he’s on an airplane, so when you hear the captain’s voice saying that they’re
approaching Los Angeles, it’s very confusing...

Robert Hershon
Poetry Daily Mar. 29.04

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