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Spanky Mcfarlane's tribute to Bob Gibson via Mcguinn

more title poetry

what is this 'hurl' shit?

title poetry

more links

alan lomax has died

joe ely is a unique brand of texan

sid griffin's links page {davealvinemmylouphilochs}

caroline records was there at the start

tony glover interview/links at

howlin wolf w/ clapton wattswinwoodwyman and some great links at

emusic kristofferson and a LOT more


be good tanyas



purprted 15 day free Flash animator


bram bos bio off a moonfish search

cynical, unassailably apt, heartless, necessary critic

really catchy game with european historical (50's 60's) sensibility

another link to giant robot

NOT the Hilton sisters we know and love, these are aristo-pornstar-models

those smudges are of a grandeur beyond our imagining


some kind of cool game

camper van firebrain


improv resource thing


back search off of led to this
and to this

nois and the links from same
{maybe I'm missing it but these guys all seem way ahead of everything else I see}

more amazing japanese grafix

design bodega links japanese grafix designers

design bodega

via crablike


National Gallery of Canada customs first. then Canada

portfolio crablike art works

Crablike//_*index eastern asia/japan design blog WAY ahead of the curve

bugs outside the system


hoyhoy yes yes 'rock b4 elvis'

ronnie wood jagger

interactive online science/art fishtank from Boston

salivatory list of comida autentica

little martial hand gif

isamu noguchi at the voluminously linking designboom

John Crowley's permanent spot in the upper echelon was achieved with the title of 'Engine Summer'. quite some many years ago. He's a great writer. in that spooky little room where Robertson Davies was. and Sylvia townsend Warner passed through on her way to some elven ghetto

Trial by Water


huge big huge UCSB music links (folk)

Tunings For Oud and Cumbus Lark In The Morning {turkish oud tunings....}

Musical Web Connections Table of Contents My latest unsorted links New! {huge big links list(s)}

Royal Holloway Music Dept's Golden Pages: Main Index Links for musicians on the WWW

Music research tools and resources McGill Univ. Music research tools and resources

Black Russian Terriers Gallery

primate skin shots

Nobel e-museum

bamako drumming

azer mugam now

art spiegelman pays credit

No. Calif. 1930's folk music

john lomax at loc (no more cane on the brazos)

and movies. they have movies at loc too

loc folk blues online download

Zippy's nightlife


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