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Too far—he said

...Hand me that what do you call him cellular,
I will arrange dinner. No. What good is what
can talk if not over mountains,
like the megaphone trucks selling trees and fish
slow-trawling down the village street...
Charles O. Hartman/PoetryDaily


What's Not to Love about Bagpipes?

On the other hand—
the years they've persisted (thousands),
comforting shepherds on the Isle of Mull,

And the guy at the beach wearing running shoes,
practicing scales in a pre-dawn mist...
Juditha Dowd/Poetry Daily


Smudge of a dog, up and to the west, I try

Where bushes periodically burn, children fear other
children: girls

...which—don't we know—is all the heart afforded
a certain type: untended, magnifying...
Camille Dungy/PoetryDaily

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