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King Cotton

Dixie's Field of The Cloth of Gold

Columbia Gardens? Butte, Montana

American Variety {stage,sort of vaudeville} at loc

Univ of Wash ethnomusicology links {extensive, 90's}

Lalao Rabeson angel of Madagascar

Alice Munro short story, 'Fathers' in the New Yorker


anggun angel breath

Mr. Wolf again

Faye Wong MP3

very cool comparison of Messiaen's bird themes with the actual birdsong

The people of Rabi - an island in Fiji - originate from the Micronesian island of Banaba (Ocean Island), now part of the Republic of Kiribati, but they were urged to leave their home island with the believe that it was no longer possible to live there. 90 percent of the island of Banaba was left mined-out and ruined from 80 years of phosphate mining by foreign companies. On Rabi they try to build a new life and rebuild their cultural identity.


David Lance Goines made a stunning window for a church. he also did the Ravenswood label, long my favorite. link from girlhacker

{eric meola's mind-opening photo of the Taj Mahal. as he says on the pdn/kodak site, the beautiful color is the result of pollution. the full story of the Taj Mahal is as mythic and grand as the actual building. it is in a real sense a memorial to a betrayal, as well as love and loss and inconsolable grief. Sha Jahan left explicit instructions when he died that a corresponding monument be built across the river from the Taj, built from black marble, as a tomb for him, and all the allegorical balance would be there. as it is now, her tomb is huge, his is absent. 'they' decided not to build his. and he was dead, so that was that.}

Contact Press Images one of the premier photojournalism clearinghouses, has a perfect image viewer, the result of thoughtful design.

blindspot is an ongoing concern, photographically, and they had this scary shot by Frank Gohlke

Mary Ellen Mark is a brilliant and intrepid photographer who also does celebrity portraits, like this one of Maya Lin she has also done a lot of work among circus performers in places like Mexico India and Viet Nam, this is from her pictures of street performers in India

pdn & kodak have a bigtime mainstream thing going on with lots of bigtime mainstream photography as you might expect, Sabastiao Salgado has this image there. he also has this site


more brilliant sacred music from this being Good Friday with the choir of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes

Olivier Messaien's Le Banquet Celeste

and from the mid-20th century, the secular but divinely captivating Vera Lynn with an apocalyptically willing love ballad.

mice with umbrellas diving down drains in Noe Venable's cartoon heaven do so to this

Jia Pengfang erhu

bitchin drums bitchin absolutely totally bitchin drums

Two small boys dancing Karyobin on a boat on the Arashi River in Kyoto. The dancers represent the Kalavinka, the magic bird that was said to have appeared when the Buddha attained enlghtenment.

{again Robert Garfias to whom my heartfelt gratitude for the Malagasy joy and the Yaeyama Hatoma Bushi and so much more. everything I thought the web could be}
also this indonesian choir

Virginia Lee Hunter photography


Danny Goldberg & artemis records earn the undying respect of millions

Rickie Lee Jones ladies and gentlemen

ali farka toure @afromix

ms. Joanie has a online presence and some links for instance to Betty Elders

Folk & Roots Online Guide

alex degrassi's links

Carol Aust has something going on

Noe Venable is alive and dreaming.
uhm...and she sings a little too

Harry Belafonte shtick from 60's w/ pertinency galore

and a fulsome list of HB friends tho from the 90's, many many folks

Q: What guitar tuning do you use?
A: Very Low : Here it is
Gauge: 68--48--36--24p--18--15
Note: Low A--A--E--A--C#--E

Bob Log

fat possum


extensive Monterey County historical photographs

edna st vincent millay by arnold genthe

asia society images from the silk road


prague 1967 franco fortuna

Walter Dick 1940

italian gates

single standard

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