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Most Popular Baby Boy Name this century:
This biblical boys name comes from Genesis 25. Abraham had a son Isaac. Isaac and his wife rebekah had twins. They named the first baby boy Esau and the second baby boy was named Jacob. He was to go on an become the father of the Jewish nation. Not unusual but still a good name!
Names in religious thought

Names are attributed added significance in traditional Jewish sources.

Biblical names

In the Old Testament, we find that names of individuals are meaningful. Adam is named after the "earth" (Adama) from which he was created. (Genesis 2)
A change of name indicates a change of status. For example, the patriarch "Abram" is renamed "Abraham" before he is blessed with children. His wife, "Sarai" is similarly renamed "Sarah." (Genesis 17)

Talmudic attitudes

The Babylonian Talmud maintains that names exert an influence over their bearers:
From where do we know that a name has a causal effect ("shama garim"). Says Rabbi Elazar: the verse says, (Psalms 46:9) "Go see the works of God, who puts desolation (shamot) in the earth." Read not "desolation" but "names" (shemot).

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