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Variations on a Line by Peter Redgrove deep pockets hacked from rock
under slate black weather in slate black Wales.

Or maybe the wind is the voice of the clock
wailing to cohorts of lichened stone
built to hold fast the tribal hills,
telling tales, telling tales...

Anne Stevenson
Poetry Daily

Lawn tennis courts, spectators, Newport Casino, R.I.

That wispy, vaguely taurine shape is a competitor.



& I lay in my bunk and slept for so long,

I forgot about the ocean,
Which all the time was going by, right there, outside my cabin window.

And the sides of the ship were green as money,
And th and the water made a sound like memory when we sailed.

Tony Hoagland

Poetry Daily 21.Mar.06

Bunch of Ranch Mares and Stallion
Bunch of Percheron mares
Jeffrey Kraus Antique Photographica
attn. Boynton: here, and much larger version here


Church of the Kazan Icon of the Virgin
William C. Brumfield photograph collection

It was a wild place. People kept stealing my shoes.

Belated begorrah:

Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll was born in Tigh Hiudai Beag's bar, future home of Clannad and Altan, in the Rosses, Co. Donegal
Vincent Coll, Michael Basile, Pasquale del Greco, Dominick Odierno, and Frank Giordani
Coll and his wife Lottie
Telephone booth where Vince Coll was murdered at age 23
Lottie Coll with Joe Ventro and Al Guarino, up on a rap
"Vincent Coll and Fats McCarthy, his partner, are the two toughest guys I ever met."
Brief run-down on the murder of Vince Coll in Kill The Dutchman! The Story of Dutch Schultz by Paul Sann
more Vince Coll here, here, and here

"but the house sparrows are . . ."

other although it doesn't look
like it actually feels good
it looks like some voltage
is making them do it
but they do it regardless...

Jon Woodward
Verse Daily 18.Mar.06

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