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Lucy Quimby

Alfred Kroeber
Dedicated to Joe Rhodes' brother, who - from what I heard - played the guitar pretty damned good.


Jing Fly Swatter

ORCA Innovation
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There are 239 non-trivial ways to link two 23-dimensional spheres in 40-space


The Green Rocker 1915-20

James R. Hopkins (possibly misprinted as James B. at the artnet site and Keny Galleries, Cincinnatti Art and Springfield both have it as James Roy)
Keny Galleries via artnet
"Hopkins also became known for a series of paintings executed between 1915 and 1919. These works, in which he depicted Appalachian farmers, traveling preachers, and children living in the Kentucky mountains south of Cincinnati, are departures from his decorative form of Impressionism. Some of the earliest examples of Regionalist painting in the twentieth century, these works anticipated those of Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, and John Steuart Curry, who also painted the impoverished rural folk of America's heartland."

Mandarin Blue

James R. Hopkins
Cincinnatti Art Museum
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Picture of the Author with Vice President

A small machine, he says, sends tiny sparks
in there, to pace the flow of blood.
Some people will dispute this photo
abstract nets that hold so many tangibles,
such as meadow grass that filters silt
so cutthroat trout may have clean beds
of gravel for their spawning redds;
or the English teacher whose hopes
for a pay raise float on the promise
of a growing tax base
it may have been the words
like blood, and skull, and gun,
that made the men in sunglasses bring
our conversation to a polite, efficient end.
Or it could have been my agitation...

William Wenthe
Poetry Daily
a must-read

A brief history of opium
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