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Carol Lay's biography is illustrated with that journeyman drafting and intimidating honesty her cartoons use so effectively

The Adverts Bored Teenagers
The Killjoys Naive
Nipple Erectors King Of The Bop
Patti Smith
Penetration Don't Dictate
The Plasmatics Butcher Baby
Rezillos Can't Stand My Baby
The Runaways Cherry Bomb
Sick Things Anti Social
Siouxsie Captain Scarlet
The Slits Vindictive
Suzie Quatro 48 Crash
X Ray Spex Oh Bondage Up Yours

Women In Punk Audio List

Joni Mitchell, with this record, has become a jazz singer. Her voice is her soul. Case in point: "The Circle Game." Mitchell's biggest pop hit, you'll still hear it in supermarkets softly wafting customers toward a happy nostalgia appropriate for the consumption of goods. Perhaps it's appropriate--the song fits comfortably within the carpe diem tradition. Seize the day. "The Circle Game" is the last song on Travelogue & on my first listen I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to it. The song has become a pop cliche, after all. Mitchell the jazz singer, though, surprises the listener with a version of the song worthy of Dinah Washington, a new title for the American Songbook. In addition to the titles I've already mentioned, I'd point to "Amelia," "For the Roses," "Refuge of the Roads," & "Hejira" as perfectly transformed. This slowed-down version of "Refuge" gives the listener a much longer perspective--the mature adult looking back on the youthful traveler. "Me here least of all," yes, exactly.


balloon pavilion

all this time I never knew. just like Marilyn Monroe. I didn't know she was the first Playboy pinup until just a few months ago. and just now I discovered I could put an image here. after all this time. I am heaving a sigh.

then right below that incomprehensible bit is this supremely helpful tip:

View Selection Source

Select some text, bring up the context menu, and choose 'View Selection Source' to view the source just for the selected content.

this was one of the '101' things Mozilla can do:
"Type Ahead Find
Press a few keys to search for links with that text."

pretty clear that huh. yes ok. right. a few keys. press. with that text search ok. find ahead type.

deleting this

I'm inserting this

stand up


The installation by Alice Hampson, Sarah Foley, Sheona Thomson and Sebastian di Mauro was commissioned by the Friends of the Australian Chamber Orchestra to make a huge backstage area into a congenial place for their formal biennial dinner. The designers responded with a suspended artwork that cleverly uses the natural bending properties of veneers to evoke poetically the qualities of musical instruments. The whole was designed so that the veneers could be reused. The jury was very impressed with the imagination, economy and material understanding of the whole piece.

{everything at this site is inspiring optimistic and wonderful to behold}

I'm a little calmly elegant Canadian-modern teapot
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the key is to seem blasé about it, la la, three friends of mine did that kind of stuff five years ago, in their spare time on weekends, and played all-city championship rugby, on weekends, during the week they were EMT's, one was writing a zoology textbook in his spare time during the week, the other two drove a van back and forth to the Mexican border for a sanctuary group in Michigan, in their spare time during the week.
me I'm knocked out. privileged. impressed. made optimistic. uncontrol is probably a logical outgrowth of a bunch of work on a bunch of people's parts, but it's a big jump up for me, coming out of a busy humdrum thoroughfare of internet-as-usual.

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