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"We thought doing something that was just gentle and beautiful would be quite surprising."

The massed balloons of the Sky Orchestra took off at 6.30am, broadcasting a piece written by Dan Jones. The flutes and oboes, bird song and whale calls, were based on scientific research to promote deeper and sweeter dreams.

Maev Kennedy
Guardian UK 14.May.04
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APOD mystery astro pic!

Tiina Poutanen


Ninon Secrètetodetail
David Prudhomme
coconino world

Las Cahiers de Johann
les carnets de croquis de Joann Sfar
le pavillon des portfolios et des carnets
exposition universelle
coconino world
A.B. Frost

E. E. Cummings

It may at first seem of little import, but for a poet who paid such exacting attention to typography, it must be said once and for all that his name should be written and printed with the usual capital letters in their usual places: "E. E. Cummings."
Norman Friedman
If American poets had been exposed to that blast of radically compressed language and imagery, those infinitely varied subtle rhythms, in the middle of the 19th century rather than decades later, perhaps two generations would not have wasted their time imitating Longfellow, Tennyson, et al, and the violent efforts of Ezra Pound to wrest American poetry from its long snooze in the 1910s would not have been needed. At any rate, she [Emily Dickinson] would certainly have been happier.
Language Hat
"Twin lines of different media: iconic and organic; sketchy and exact; gracefully liberated in self-forged chains."
Pseudopodiatrist Ray Davis
"It's like having a guy with a boombox and a cell phone sticking right beside you while you hike through Yellowstone."
ibid. on the IMAX considerably further back in time

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