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How does "human plurality" relate to the music?

It’s a concept unique to the Mehinaku Indians, and expresses their understanding of humanity and their interaction with the outside world. For them, music is a perfect expression of this plurality: they consider every sound to be music – every stone falling, every arrow cutting through the air. There is no distinction between life and music.
To hear samples from the album 'Neuneneu'
‘Neuneneu’ is the Mehinaku (inhabitants of the Central Brazilian Amazon) expression meaning ‘human plurality’. It is a unique concept of these people and goes some way to expressing their particular understanding of humanity and their interaction with the outside world.
There is no greater expression of this concept and of their spirituality than through the music generated by these extraordinary people. For this indigenous race, every single sound is considered music – a stone rolling or an arrow cutting the air. Sound is directly related to spirituality. There are no boundaries between real life and music. They are one.
Assembled together for the first time on a British stage, a group of five Amazonian Indians, resplendent in native costume, will perform specially composed pieces of music together with the consummate interpreter of Brazilian Indian music, Marlui Miranda, alongside the British virtuoso kora player Ravi.
The Brazilian composer, musician and singer Marlui Miranda has devoted her career to the study, research and development and protection of the Brazilian indigenous race.

My family started in the sixteenth century, with a Jesuit and an Indian woman, in the state of Pará...
Maria-Brazil: Interview with Marlui Miranda
Marlui Miranda at Calabash
2 IHU Kewere: Rezar
The saci or saci-pererê is a fantastic creature from south-central Brazil. The saci is a little boy, has only one leg, wears a magical red cap and likes to smoke a pipe. According to the legend, he is always up to some mischief: blowing out your fire, scaring and scattering your cattle, and scaring travellers in isolated, out-of-the-way places.
Myths & Fantastic Creatures
Maria-Brazilxowe still reserve the right to be blatantly nepotistic, or disarmingly naive, or whatever strikes our fancy. Also, we're still a one-woman operation, so if things go at a slow pace, patience...patience...
boa manhã Carolina Vigna-Maru!

On March 15, 1918, Wyman said to divers speaking of the atrocities reported to be committed by the German soldiers, that our soldiers would act in the same way and commit the same atrocities...and that soldiers of the U.S. Army are no better than the German soldiers.
Sentence: 6-12 years
The Montana Sedition Project
76 men and three women convicted of the crime of sedition in Montana in 1918 and 1919
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Human Terms
Kathleen Lynch
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A Crosstown Breeze

...we raced the rain
with baler and wagon

driving each other
to hold the turn

Henry Taylor
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"With my lost saints"
Sonnet 43
Traquair, ibid.

Phoebe Anna Traquair's exquisite illustrated manuscript of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s ‘Sonnets from the Portuguese’
National Library of Scotland
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