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My family started in the sixteenth century, with a Jesuit and an Indian woman, in the state of Pará...
Maria-Brazil: Interview with Marlui Miranda
Marlui Miranda at Calabash
2 IHU Kewere: Rezar
The saci or saci-pererê is a fantastic creature from south-central Brazil. The saci is a little boy, has only one leg, wears a magical red cap and likes to smoke a pipe. According to the legend, he is always up to some mischief: blowing out your fire, scaring and scattering your cattle, and scaring travellers in isolated, out-of-the-way places.
Myths & Fantastic Creatures
Maria-Brazilxowe still reserve the right to be blatantly nepotistic, or disarmingly naive, or whatever strikes our fancy. Also, we're still a one-woman operation, so if things go at a slow pace, patience...patience...
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