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...on her own she managed to retrieve his head from its pole on London Bridge

I could have done this, I suppose I could still be doing it. Except I have a thing that pesters me when I do duplicitous stuff, and seems to be related to the creative impulse, denying access when I come toward it with venal airs.
This egregious site is called Picture History, and it's another bullshit strip-mining enterprise masquerading as a compendium of hard-found proprietary images kept and shared by custodially responsible collectors. As opposed to a little festering clot of greed-crazed chancers.
First check was American Indian Woman Leading Donkeys
by Theodor Horydczak
Query LoC for "Theodor Horydczak indian"
and there you go.
P. History says:

If you would like an image at a higher resolution, please email us your request at (be sure to include item number). Custom requests may take up to two weeks to be fulfilled and require an additional charge.
The semi-literate presentation seems right out of Shorpyland.
I'm not sure what the outrage is, except that it's connected to the warm love and admiration running around in the LoC's P&P image files has created in me. It's a violation of where that love originates, the work involved in getting the images there and keeping them available.
It's pimpish, thuggish in a mercantile way, and its long-term effects are toxic though that's hard to pinpoint in the short run and after foundering on the blasé attitude of most everyone else I hesitate to even mention it. But like misused apostrophes, only more so, it bothers me.

“I believe somebody has to die,” said Juan Dies, an ethnomusicologist

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