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Idaho 1909



Cave of Darkness
The Coral Grotto of Light
Strange Adventures in "The Fall and Rise of Humpty Dumpty"
A. S. Seer
see also Lost in The Desert and Walter Fletcher as Appetite Bill

Ann Burlak "The Red Flame"


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Houdini at the wheel

I'm not suggesting a war of posts - though post-war would be a nice change.
As long as things didn't get out of hand.
Posts are after all what keep us here.
Moving posts, intriguing posts, transporting posts.
One post can support a great deal. A cache for instance.
The absence of posts is a sign of something. Sloth, apathy, desuetude, busy-ness, depending.
Posts can be convivial.
Making posts can be laborious, even arduous at times.
Yet posts are useful, even necessary.
Here's one more


Mrs. Shotbang with her four children she delivered herself. Husband broke his foot early this spring. About time baby was to be born they ran short of coal and bed clothing, Mrs. Shotbang had to take care of the newly-born baby and the rest of the family, cutting fence posts for fuel. The family almost froze; no mattresses on the beds this past winter, only quilts over the hard springs.
Russel Lee
Williams County, North Dakota, October 1937

Home industries, County Donegal, Ireland


"Debutantes in their Boudoirs"
Philadelphia Sunday Press December 1st, 1895

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