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Wolf Greeting
Carl Cook
Black and White Magazine

Homage to the masters of Weimar by Larry Fink at Power House books


The Cruel Wheel Turns Twice
...A metal rod
Exiting a tunnel, dropped in a gate groove.

Disappointment. And again The End gate
Opens and it's, Please
Come back. Please Be....

Mary Jo Bang
Verse Daily

John Ennis The Celebrated Pedestrian

On the final day, some of the boisterous crowd broke onto the track to taunt Rowell, the Englishman who led the race. The two remaining American contestants, Ennis and Harriman, immediately informed the audience that they would quit if Rowell's pace was interrupted. They then clasped hands and ran a lap in solidarity with the Englishman, as the crowd roared its approval.
En 1890 John Ennis invierte 80 días en caminar desde Nueva York a San Francisco
John Ennis was presumably the first man to run across America.

Nothing is impossible


Lonely gay teenager in 60's rural Alabama becomes an obsessive Mamas and Papas fan - becomes an actor and goes to Hollywood - meets Michelle Phillips and becomes her friend.
Glenn Shadix
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Learning To Love You More is not only a website; it's also a series of exhibitions in museums, galleries, schools, senior citizens centers, radio shows and film festivals. The shows are comprised of work that we select from the web site for a particular exhibit, or in some cases all of the reports for a certain assignment will be used.
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And she never was known to put paint on her cheek...

Drawings - #009
Wordplay #060105
Ed Fella
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