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The MIT Glass Lab Michael Scheiner is a critically acclaimed sculptor working out of Central Falls, Rhode Island. He has received numerous grants for his work including those from the National Endowment for the Arts, The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation and the Ford foundation. His work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in such collections as the Renwick Gallery of the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution; Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art; The Corning Museum of Glass; Carnegie Melon Institute of Art and Bloomberg Headquarters, New York

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Country Joe McDonald Amazing stories that folks have sent me.
"Country Joe collects dolls!?" Yeah, what's it to ya? See my nurse doll collection.
{amazing bump from the Michigan voice library following stuff and had a bugle charge from kenneth landfrey who I wasn't sure of and did a google and it went here. be darned. I'll be. well.}

MSU Vincent Voice Library The G. Robert Vincent Voice Library is the largest academic voice library in the nation. It is located on the fourth floor of the west wing of the MSU Library. It houses taped utterances (speeches, performances, lectures, interviews, broadcasts, etc.) by over 50,000 persons from all walks of life recorded over 100 years

{florence nightingale? teddy roosevelt? charge of the Light Brigade? will rogers? !!!!!}

MSU Vincent Voice Library Sound Samples{florence nightingale? live? teddy roosevelt? will rogers? live? live!}



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Sampler Motherlode Since I've let that cat out of the bag, I should probably post a disclaimer: Yes, I have an original Negativland "U2" CD, a binary copy of "Plunderphonic" taken straight from an original CD (although of course I'm eagerly waiting for "69 plunderphonic 96"), MP3 sourced versions of the JAMMS' "1987" and Oswald's "Electrax", a CD copy of Momus's banned song "Walter Carlos" and a good MP3 of his banned "Michelin Man" song, and probably a pile of other amusing copyright violations and demented cover versions that don't spring immediately to mind.

Naturally I would *never* be willing to illegally copy these for people in exchange for the price of postage and a blank CD. So don't even ask. I trust I make myself clear.

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