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Isabella Lucy Bird:

Mrs. Bishop's tent on her ride amongst the Bakhtiari Lurs - 1890
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"In the middle of the 19th century they could put 20,000 well-equipped horsemen into the field..."
Isabella Bird and two natives on elephant, with
other elephants, in swamp, in Perak, Malaya - 1883
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My home in the Rocky Mountains
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Collected Travel Writings of Isabella Bird

"premier cybercafé entièrement dédié à l’informatique libre. Outre la nourriture spirituelle et informatique, le café, qui ouvrira ses portes le 15 octobre, vous propose une gamme de 26 sirops artisanaux au prix d’un euro et onze jus de fruits."

OpenSource Café
126 Rue Sébastien Gryphe
69007 Lyon

fiction image
Ria Dastidar

Edwina White
Kate Larkworthy


Swadesh list: a useful list of the most common words, which are essential to most languages and may be used in learning basic communication in other languages and even multiple languages at once.
Rosetta Project

* To create an unprecedented platform for comparative linguistic research and education.

* To develop and widely distribute a functional linguistic tool that might help with the recovery of lost or compromised languages in unknown futures.

*To offer an aesthetic object that suggests the immense diversity of human languages as well as the very real threats to the continued survival of this diversity.

Professor Lowe discovered the jet stream, revolutionized the manufactured gas industry, invented the predecessor of the modern refrigerator, and was [possibly] the model for the Wizard of Oz.


At Night The Glitterng Lights of Fifty-Six Cities Far Below!

The Great Mount Lowe Trip

1894 - World’s largest searchlight delivered to Echo Mountain
3 levels Circular Bridge
Scenic Mt. Lowe Then and Now
Railroad Boosters last run 1937
also the last hurrah
The Angeles National Forest
and Mt. Lowe Committee Volunteer Group's
Annual Mt. Lowe Excursion December 03, 2005
LA Transit Lines cars awaiting their fate at Wilmington
California Trolleys
Harry Marnell (an abundance of California trolley links)
Savant Passes
Professor Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, known the world over as the discoverer of the formulae for making water gas and artificial ice, famous as an aeronaut during the Civil war, builder of the incline railroad up Mt. Lowe and a pioneer in Southern California enterprises, died at 4:45 o'clock this morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Edna Wright, 280 South Euclid Avenue.
At the time of his death Professor Lowe was working on plans for a dirigible balloon to be operated in Southern California.
Images of Professor Thaddeus S. C. Lowe at LoC:
Lowe observing the battle from his balloon Intrepid
Fair Oaks Va. May 31, 1861

Lowe's "Balloon Camp" Gaines Mill, Va., May 1862

Lowe replenishing balloon Intrepid from balloon Constitution

Prof. T.S.C. Lowe, Civil War balloonist

Lowe prepares to ascend

Isolina Maldonado 1921 (detail)
Robert Henri

Two Women 1924 (detail)
George Bellows

Spring in Georgia 1942 (detail)
Andrée Ruellan

Deirdre 1940 (detail)
Dorothea Tanning

Georgia Museum of Art
Univ. of Georgia, Athens
Winslow Homer Butterflies
George Bellows The Picnic
Christian Bérard Portrait of Tamara Toumanova
Eugene Berman
Perspective of Columns at Paestum


Mike Weiss can kiss my [Eric Doeringer's] ass
link bloggy

unusual showers unusual faucets and unusual sinks
cersaie fair


Burkburnett, Texas, January 20th, 1919 (fixed)
Desdemona Field
Lt. Rip Masters was from Desdemona TX
Annie Oakley, 1922, with gun Buffalo Bill gave her

11-year old farm hand.
, G.G. Jones, said: "She's the only farm hand I got. She helps a lot in the field work and house work too. Is good in school--5th grade."
He owns the farm and expects to build soon.
Location: Hardin County--Sonora [vicinity], Kentucky

Lewis W. Hine
Demetra Jones, Sonora, Ky. 1916
Western Union Telegraph Building West Broadway, New York 1931
Irving Underhill

The USS "Shenandoah" took to the sky for the first time on September 4, 1923. She was destroyed in a violent storm over Sharon, Ohio on September 3, 1925 with the loss of fourteen of her 39 sailors.
This disaster was the trigger for Army Colonel Billy Mitchell to heavily criticize the leadership of both the Army and the Navy, leading directly to his court-martial for insubordination and the end of his military career.

Richard Rodgers, Irving Berlin and Oscar Hammerstein II, Helen Tamiris - auditions at the St. James Theatre 1948
Helen Tamiris at Dance Heritage
George Balanchine and Lorenz Hart, aboard the Grace Line's Santa Paula, 1938

(Just behind and to the side of the) Equitable Bld., Pine and Nassau Sts., New York 1927

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