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Tim: Which button do I press to make the blocks explode?
EGM: Sorry, they don't explode.
Becky: This is boring.
Relevant History 10.22.03

"everyone who made this game is dead by now."
Alexey Pajitnov wanted to produce more computer games, but he felt that the Soviet Union did not have a large enough consumer base to support such a market. He moved to the United States in 1991 after visiting in 1990. Pajitnov ended up working for Microsoft's gaming division.

Pajitnov likes puzzle games the best. He is not a fan of shooters. He is currently working on a second version of Pandora's Box.
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Her Way
Asking my husband to help me write a song would be like asking him to salt my food to his taste. I wouldn't do it. We're not perfectly compatible in our imaginations. It's almost like coming from different countries, being from Texas and New York.
E. Brickell/NYTimes

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Happy Birthday Tom Petty

Here are disc jockeys with hands tied by corporate owners, cynical executives getting rich off disposable pop stars, and a singer performing for wine-sipping poseurs while his real fans look on, disheartened, from the cheap seats.

Is this a career suicide note from an act only seven months removed from induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Keep listening.

The concept album, THE LAST DJ, is actually a broad indictment of American culture using the music business as a metaphor. It ends on a hopeful note, arguing that marketers and moneymen can't bottle what's in the heart.

'I really have dedicated my entire life to this music — not that I didn't want to, or even have a choice,' said the 51-year-old Petty. 'It overcame me at an early age in a big way. I care about it, and I don't want to see it reduced to a silly caricature.'
David Bauder AP 10.10.02

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