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Project Blinkenlights cellphone-input skyscraper-monitor
link path through linuxdevices from NSOP


onegoodmove has done great service, listing many strong anti-war song/downloads

Jane Winkelman Memorial To The Victims of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack
at ZetterOutsider
other Winkelman images {site links req. hacking}
link path from picklebird from I think gmtplus9 maybe


there before you came Gospel/Caravans/Caravans%20-%20Hold%20to%20God's%20Unchanging%20Hand.mp3

{this site is in need of subscriptive assistance. an honest and by-the-book guy, Don Robertson, working a grandfatherly edge, with a bias not shared by all, but freely gathering so much great music, for love, like all true amateurs, and he has to pay those fees.}


Tom Bamberger
at PhotoCollect

see also:
twin violin
Six Male Arapahoe Indian Skulls

original path google on William Klein from a book link at floating wreckage, leading to a Garry Winogrand photo and thence hence

tangentially producing:
video links at francetv
Photo-Infos archives
Zabriskie Gallery
Alex S. MacLean at Panopticon
J.-P. Gilson
the previously-discovered and-then-forgotten-about but-most-worthwhile designboom

PhotoCollect has a really extensive catalog including Lartigue's First Flight of Gabriel Voisin

National Museum of Photography Film and Television (UK)

In a Lonely Place

Andrea Stern
at Ricco/Maresca Gallery
original path discarded paintings by gifted amateurs
link from gmtplus9

also alexander tsiaras
From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds

I went back to Ohio (Montana)
but my city was gone...

Qibla Cola's map of the world

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