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The Erythrean Sybilto(detail)

Maarten van Heemskerck

The Ryjksmuseum

This panel was originally part of a triptych the other sections of which were probably lost during the Iconoclast Fury -
During the religious riots of 1566, radical Protestants destroyed statues in Catholic churches and monasteries. It began on 10 August in Steenvoorde in West Flanders. Following a sermon by a Calvinist minister, part of the congregation forced its way into the nearby St Lawrence monastery and smashed all the statues. It was the beginning of a wave of destruction which quickly spread across the rest of the country. This was the culmination of a series of events. The repression of church reform had raised tensions to breaking point. Moreover, unemployment and poverty were rife in this period of economic crisis: the seedbed of social unrest. Defacing the churches was justified by the Calvinist belief that statues in a house of God were idolatrous images which must be destroyed.

also: van Heemskerck's Portrait of a Woman

The New Age at the MJP

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This is really a comment to a posting at Boynton, whose vigilant Cerberian watchcode refuses my linked advances, no matter how well they're typed.

There's a theme here.
A consistency.
More than a random appearance, a facet of the way things are, or in this case, were.
There's humor where none was intended, and sorrow where it was.
As always, in the world of the image, where business is concerned placement and context are everything.
We can track the evolution of the moustache.
And cruel alternatives to the automobile and the horse-drawn shay.
Or simple cruelty as plain as day.
See marvels and mysteries and wonders that beggar description.
And a kind of joy.

My favorites are sad, beautiful, real, and sad and beautiful and real, and more than a little spooky.
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from the original inimitable indispensable:

MasterScans Great scans of great art from around the web
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Self-Eater #2

Dana Shutz
Zach Feur Gallery (LFL)
Dana Shutz at artnet
Dana Shutz at New York Metro
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10 books written in prison

The Drugs I Need
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None of my structures involve trickery. They are the "real deal."
Bryan Berg, Cardstacker, Ames, Iowa
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Full circle. The Java Slide Rule.
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