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Phoebe Legere is out of this world

Rejecting Stereotypes, Photographing ‘Real’ Indians
Matika Wilbur at Lens (NYTimes photo blog)
Wilbur's personal site has her photography, which is good and worthwhile, but the site radiates the tech behind it, intrusively.
The design scheme is so streamlined there's no captions, for one thing.
The designer's personality is the dominant presence, so that the site is about that person first, and the art, second.


When All This Is Over
Macdara Woods
via 3QD


Out of Gas
Thomas Jorion
via GuardianUK 
via Infocult
via the photographically steadily-improving wood s lot


When a person has grown old and has done his all, it is his task peacefully to make friends with death. He does not need other people. He knows them and has seen enough of them. What he needs is peace. It is not seemly to seek out such a person, to talk to him, to torment him with your chatter. At the gateway to his home the proper thing is to pass by, as if nobody lived there.
Hermann Hesse (notice on the door of his house upon award [1946] of the Nobel Prize for Literature)

The Elk River upstream of Freedom Industry's tanks. Image courtesy of the author

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