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Carolina Vigna-MarĂº

I Open Your Death Like a Book

...your blue-eyed infant, beside you on the floor.
I was born to be there watching

when no one else was looking.
To see your arm go crooked,
see you fall asleep and not wake up.

To hear in flocking crows,
the wings of seraphim. In thunder,
your heart, that angel...

Jesse Lee Kercheval
Verse Daily Mar.12.03


Matthew Lien

The Late Ambassadorial Light

...another leaf,
and another, down
to the lawn beneath.
Green, green, the high grass shivers.
Water over a stone, and bees...

Thomas Lux
Poetry Daily Mar.11.04

The Meadow

...and air, always a little air
moving, or great gales thrashing.
A world in which the weed is free,
and there is no rancor anywhere,
except perhaps among the birds
who warble when they squabble.
The sun looks down...

Roger Mitchell
Verse Daily Mar.11.04


See! I Will Not Forget You.
I Have Carved You on the
Palm of My Hand.

...And here's a plantain,
root like a vortex taking my hand,
but I work myself back to the surface.
See! The ground you prepared for us
holds on. It fills my hand, this humus,
folds and parcels of garden
and none of it pouring away.

Thomas Reiter
Verse Daily Mar.10.04

The Wings
Yi Sang

reviewed by Danny Yee


800 Important Women Artists
History Department
University of Wisconsin at River Falls

Self-Portrait With A Bottle Of Wine

Edward Munch


Minnie Palmer A Mile A Minute

Coney Island beach and boardwalk detail/full

Bone Poem
Heather Davis
Verse Daily

Keep Facts Free!

We're surrounded by free factual information, but there's a bill in Congress that would lock it all up. The Database and Collections of Information Misappropriation Act (DCIMA, H.R. 3261) extends extremely broad copyright-like protections to collections of factual data - data like the price of a TV, the temperature in Arizona or information collected during scientific research. DCIMA would allow companies to sue anyone who interferes with their ability to profit from data that they collect. In other words, academic researchers, public libraries, Internet innovators and other database users would have to pay up if someone else claimed to have assembled the data first. This is not only unnecessary, it's bad policy.

EFF Mar.06.04


Judeo-Christian emblem
Deposits Published Under the 1960 Act
Hague System for the International Deposit of Industrial Designs
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