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Color of a woman's eyes reveals nothing whatsoever about her character. You and I know that.
Still, amateur analysts continue to claim brown eyes tend to be more expressive. So they contend
a woman with such eyes, if and when she flirts, signals in a most intriguing manner.
In Love and War, they say, nobody sends a message like a brown-eyed woman.


Wolfgang Bamberger @futurevisions from a search for
work by Sam Chivers, sparked by a ramble through here

Douria, 3 ans. a Peinture fraîche! en Les Prunelles

Timothy Batten who is legally blind, is able to accomplish his artwork through the use of dark contacts and biocular glasses. "I find it ironic that I am legally blind, but I am still very much a visually artistic person. I really don't look at myself as having a disability." He was encouraged to practice art by his uncle and grandfather, who are both professional artists.


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The Fascination at Pop Cult, which also lists these instructive manuals


Bud Abbott (& Costello) was married to the same woman for 66 years

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