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"Creating means praying behind closed doors."

Murakami Kagaku (1888--1939)


"What kind of book is it?"

"It's a comic book actually, based on stuff I've published on the Internet."

"Oh? What's it about?"

"Well, it's basically just about these two guys in an office who talk on the phone all the time about the war on terrorism."

"Does it have a lot of cussing in it?"

"That's the one."

"We love that strip!"

Already reeling from a stagnant economy and the illegal but widespread downloading of
copyrighted music from the Internet, the recording companies will now face a perfectly
legal influx of European recordings of popular works.
Copyright protection lasts only 50 years in European Union countries, compared with
95 years in the United States, even if the recordings were originally made and released in America.

your elbow, in that place
with no particular name. Erosion,
grain by grain...I can't make

you beautiful. It frightens me,
how little we miss, so close. Not a crumb.
What do you see

and not say, that I deceive myself I hide?

What love can't do...

Philip Gross
A Crumb
Verse Daily


that clockwise swirl on the shell of an eastbound snail is on its south side.

Beefheart van Vliet


space isn't dark, it's that there's nothing there to reflect the light, but the light is there, it's everywhere. the universe is a stunningly bright place, not dark at all.

The guqin, a seven-stringed zither, is China's oldest stringed instrument,
with a history of some 3000 years. Chinese music has a long history,
and its essence is best expressed on the guqin. In Imperial China,
a well educated scholar was expected to be skilled in four arts:

  • Qin (the guqin),
  • Qi (the game of Go),
  • Shu (calligraphy) and
  • Hua (painting).

  • 31.12.02

    Eliza Griffiths

    chop suey

    Liu Fang

    Pipa Soloist

    Ou Lu Wang Ji
    (Forgetting Vulgar Ideas)


    beige princess

    During an attempt to restore the damaged paintings, the upper layer of plaster was removed to reveal the underlayer which contained the preliminary compositions drawn by brush in a red dye called sinope, a mixture of special red earth and water. Sinope is the name of a town in Syria where the dye was produced.

    Painters used either this mixture or charcoal to trace the first outlines of the fresco composition. The Sinopite is therefore the underpainting which was never seen until modern times...

    voluminous audio poetical


    Photo-journalism Viet Nam war

    Musée des beaux-arts, Quimper

    Alexander Bloch La Chapelle de La Madeleine à Malestroit (Morbihan)

    Maurice Denis Bretonne dans une barque

    Hiroko Suehiro age 16, became the first Miss Japan in 1908. Her photograph was chosen from among those of young ladies from respectable families. Suehiro placed sixth in the Miss World Competition organized by the US Tribune.
    In the late 1990s, darkly tanned skin came back in vogue, giving the ’60s trend a new twist.
    Instead of adopting a natural look, women called ganguro literally face-that-is-black, wear dark foundation on their faces and paint white circles around their eyes in homage to hip-hop culture. Other inspirations for the style include Barbie Dolls and Japanese pop singers. Accessories include a big wig, a scarf, long false eyelashes, white lipstick, and thick jet-black eyeliner. The trend is fueled by the belief that black skin makes the face look smaller.

    Face to Face at New York University's Grey Art Gallery

    Buddhist monks wear saffron-colored robes, but research reveals they don't know why. Nobody knows why, seemingly.


    Awa Dance! If you dance, you're a fool! If you don't, you're a fool! If you're a fool either way, then dance! Sohn! Sohn!

    Go is a game played by two contestants. In China and Japan it's just as popular as chess and draughts in Europe. There are a lot of legends about the invention of Go. One of these names the Chinese emperor Shun, who reigned from 2255 to 2205 B.C., as the originator of the game. It is said that he invented the game in order to strengthen the weak mind of his son.

    Conceived on December 25, 1945 and born on September 30, 1946, Raël is the last of the Prophets, the Messenger of Infinity, the Pope of the Raelian Movement.

    Son of YHWE and Jesus' brother, his mission on Earth is to reveal to the whole of humanity the truth about our origins and to build an embassy to welcome our Fathers from space, the Elohim.

    He is the founder of the Raelian Movement, of the first human cloning company in the world, Clonaid, and of the first interpretation centre of the UFO phenomena in the world: UFOLand.

    Avid of motor racing, singer-songwriter, author of best-sellers, those are the multiple facets of this extraordinary man.

    They are yours to discover

    Robert Klein Gallery has some perfect
    William Henry Fox Talbot photographs

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    Sebastiao Salgado

    and Robert Frank

    Who? Me?
    Role-play in Self-portrait Photography @zabriskie gallery

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