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...In the archdiocese of spoons
there are no sinners. Saints are a quaint but outdated technology.
The wireless kingdom has come to install the earthly throne
of God; morning birdsong, the serpent’s sigh, are hereby
preempted by the militant hmmm and murrr of herds
of zip drives and other everlasting denizens of the new
paradise. Onward current flowing...

Leigh Anne Couch
Verse Daily

New Year's Day

Baron Hendrik Leys
Bildarchiv der Kunst und Architektur
(Schnellsuche: "Neujahrstag")

Schuttersfeest & Schützenfesttodetail

Meister von Frankfurt
Bildarchiv der Kunst und Architektur
(enter: Künstler: "M";
Schnellsuche: "Schuttersfeest")

Tragedy at The Circus Royale

Anton Ziegler
Bildindex der Kunst und Architektur des Bildarchivs Foto Marburg
(Schnellsuche: "Zirkus +Anton +Ziegler")


April Flowers, Mostly Daffodils

Ivon Hitchens

Getting Ready For The Dancetodetail

Antoine Lenain, 1643
Bildarchiv der Kunst und Architektur

'Treasure basket' with lid
Chumash, acquired around 1830
Deppe Collection

Northamerican Indians
Museum of Ethnology
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin


(Dreaming story of the Ngarrindjeri People)

Berri Bridge Mural
Garry Duncan
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"Spiteful bacteria. Two words you probably haven't heard together. Then again, you probably haven't heard of altruistic bacteria either, but both sorts of microbes are out there--and in many cases in you."
Carl Zimmer's The Loom 25.Aug.04


wmexico 1963
'Attention! Un train peut en cacher un autre.'

Water-lily bread

Stream ordering
Rivers of Canada
Canada's Aquatic Environments

Hesquiaht Woman todetail

Edward S. Curtis
Aboriginal Women
Fierté et dignité
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

Mi'kmaw womantodetail

IMAGES Museum of Nova Scotia

Chefs de la réserve des six-Nations, Brantford (Ontario), lisant des ceintures de wampum
Hommes autochtones
Fierté et dignité
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

La chute de l'homme

letter to the Virtual Gramophone:

It is very unfortunate that whoever you contracted with to assemble the elements of your online presence chose "Real Player" as the application with which to deliver the actual music. "Real Player" is an intrusive and aggressively invasive application - faults which aren't cancelled out or balanced by its ability to actually play digital music.
"Real Player" artifically bottlenecks the progress of music-playing online, and by doing so, impedes more than it enables.
It is a miserly piece of work.

Thanks for your attention.

J'ai un bouton sur la langue .wav file excerpt
Mary Travers
Women in Canadian Music
Celebrating Women's Achievements
Library and Archives Canada

Councillor. MAINEETAINEQUIRE, his X mark.

The whole treaty explained by R.J.N. Pither.

Witness (Signed,) JAMES MCKENZIE,



And thereupon in open council the different Bands having presented the men of their choice to the said Commissioners as the Chiefs and headmen for the purpose aforesaid of the respective Bands of Indians inhabiting the said district hereinafter described;

And, whereas, the said Commissioners have proceeded to negotiate a Treaty with the said Indians, and the same has been finally agreed upon and concluded as follows, that is to say: -

The Cree and Saulteaux tribes of Indians, and all other the Indians inhabiting the district hereinafter described and defined, do hereby cede, release, surrender and yield up to the Government of the Dominion of Canada for Her Majesty the Queen and Her successors for ever, all their rights, titles and privileges whatsoever to the lands included within the following limits, that is to say: -

Commencing at a point on the United States frontier due south of the north-western point of the Moose Mountains, thence due north to said point of said Mountains, thence in a north-easterly course to a point two miles due west of Fort Ellice, thence in a line parallel with, and two miles westward from, the Assiniboine River to the month of the Shell River, thence parallel to the said river, and two miles distant therefrom, to its source, thence in a straight line to a point on the western shore of Lake Winnipigoosis due west from the most northern extremity of Waterhen Lake, thence cast to the centre of Lake Winnipigoosis, thence northwardly through the middle of the said lake (including Birch Island) to the mouth of Red Deer River, thence westwardly and south-westwardly along and including the said Red Deer River and its lakes, Red Deer and Etoimami to the source of its western branch, thence in a straight line to the source of the northern branch of the Qu'Appelle, thence along and including said streams to the Forks near Long Lake, thence along and including the valley of the west branch of the Qu'Appelle to the south Saskatchewan, thence along and including said river to the mouth of Maple Creek, thence southwardly along to a point opposite the western extremity of the south to the Cypress Hills; thence due south to the International Boundary, thence east along the said boundary to the place of commencement. Also all their rights, titles and privileges whatsoever to all other lands wheresoever situated within Her Majesty's North-West Territories, or any of them, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same to Her Majesty the Queen and Her successors for ever.

Indian Affairs Annual Reports, 1864-1990
Aboriginal Peoples
Library and Archives Canada


Doug Watts

River Prose
Taunton River Journal
Glooskap & Frog

April 23, 2004
Eastern Screech Owl Nest Box Cam
Chris W. Johnson

Several grassroots groups are publishing maps of New York City to guide visitors and residents who want to participate in the protests and events around the Republican National Convention next week.

From a co-editor of, Peace Signs, a big book of anti-Bush, anti-war posters, comes The People’s Guide to the RNC

Social Design Notes 21.Aug.04

When designing a computer to predict the weather, for example, most of the relevant concepts are derived from meteorology. Because the concepts of meteorology are already stable and codified, the design process has a clear starting-point.

When designing a digital library, on the other hand, one must comprehend social phenomena of great complexity. No single discipline will provide all of the necessary concepts. Instead, it is necessary to employ concepts on several distinct levels of analysis. One level of analysis pertains to the physical and cognitive mechanics of work; on this level the necessary concepts derive from ergonomics and human-computer interaction. Another level of analysis pertains to the principled organization of information and the search habits of individual library users, and on this level the necessary concepts can be obtained in reasonably stable and codified form from the tradition of library and information science (Borgman in press).

In this chapter, I will be concerned principally with an even higher level of analysis -- the embedding of a digital library in the larger social world -- for which the necessary concepts derive from social theory. The design of technical systems and institutions has not usually been informed by concepts from social theory, however, and so in this section I will consider the role of social theory in design

Information and Institutional Change:
The Case of Digital Libraries

Philip Agre

I am serious too, when I'm working. We don't dance at the end of conferences. I needed an escape. When I was younger I found it playing my accordion; now I write. I do see a link now in the desire to find a way through a problem. The difference is that the truth is rarely certain in history, but when you are inventing a detective story, you are the master - you know the truth. The most pleasant part, though, is playing with the words. Playing with the music of the words.

The plague theme emerges in your first novel to be translated into English, Have Mercy On Us All. Why?
I have spent three years sitting on a stool in the grey, dusty attics of the Pasteur Institute, reading all those mediaeval and modern texts - by "modern" I mean from the 16th to the 18th centuries. It is terrible and beautiful to witness the struggle for life, the despair that the observers describe. Plague is a heavy subject, because it still exists, killing people every year. So I took notes for a novel as I was going along. I wrote Have Mercy On Us All to share the burden with my readers.

interview with Fred Vargas
Laura Spinney
New Scientist
review at Barista
La verité sur Cesare Battisti


A piece of the Slave Ship Clothilde
The Clothilde landed with the last known cargo of slaves to reach America in 1860. In order to avoid federal authorities, the ship was immediately burned and sunk in Mobile harbor. A few pieces of the ship were excavated in the 1920's and this piece was presented to Cudjo Lewis (1835-1935), the last full-blooded African to come to America on a slave ship...

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