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interior of William Reifschneider's "balloon shop"
Streator, Illinois ca. 1907-1920
seems to fit with this at barista
this at bibliodyssey
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Truman Capote March 30, 1948. He was 24 23 years old.

Riverheart High School to Montauk - doing the twist in the baggage car 1962

Anita O'Day 1919-2006
obit at TheaterMania
Publicity photo 1958 at LoC
a taste of Anita O'Day at Newport 1958 at YouTube
courtesy ionarts


Col. Umberto Nobile, designer of the dirigible "Norge" walking along the narrow catwalk inside of the huge gas bag during the flight over the polar area
General Umberto Nobile's airship Italia,
circling over the city of Stolp

Grand salon of the Dirigible R 100
James B. Mars and wife
Harriet Quimby

Capt. Amundsen resting from arduous duties in pilot control car of the dirigible

Genthe Chinatown S.F.


It almost looks like she's jumping, both feet off the ground,
but really she's wearing these:

Arnold Genthe - Chinatown, San Francisco, between 1896 and 1906.
This was taken in April 1906:

Houdini performs for hospitalized children

"During an earlier project when I was making cuddly toys from pigskin, I came up with the idea to make something out of my own skin. At first it scared me, but I could not get it out of my head and eventually I had to do it."
Joanneke Meester
iv nyarts

Wim Delvoye
Wim Delvoye


In 1910, Mr.and Mrs. D.H. Woolf walked from Kansas City* to NYC, with their dog. I'm unable at this time to tell you the name of their dog.
It's unlikely they were any more than the most distant relations of Virginia Woolf; and likely no relation of D.H. Lawrence at all.
*glancing reference at the remarkable with a link to Con mezzi a traino animale at the equally remarkable La storia dei globetrotters.
In both instances the Woolfs are cited near the bottom of the page.
"around the world within 5 years. These cards are sold to cover the expenses"
And, by the by, Karl Bushby's still at it. His footprints are now in Russia, having begun their appearance in Tierra del Fuego and continued uninterrupted from there up the American continents and across the Bering Sea.


Eskimo cliff dwellers


Tom Paine's Nightly Pest
Gillray (below)

The miser's feast
...a miser seated at a table eating a meager meal; Death stands off to the right as an emaciated and naked manservant holding in his right hand a tray with a bone on it and behind him, in his left hand, the dart of death; Famine, a withered hag, naked to the waist which funnels to a point, wearing a large hat and fashionable skirt, stands at the open door through which enter a fashionably dressed prostitute and another woman carrying stolen articles to leave with the miser. Padlocked chests and cupboards, moneybags, and plastered-over windows (for tax savings purposes) attest to the avarice and miserliness of the occupant
James Gillray
see also:
SIN, DEATH, and the DEVIL. vide Milton.
Scientific researches! - New discoveries in pneumaticks!
James Gillray at Wikipedia

Ernest Schelling
Band members posed on stage with instruments, a reel mower, and the "follyphone" during rehearsal for the "Musicians Gambol", a benefit to be held at Carnegie Hall December 30, 1929, for the Edward MacDowell Association; among those present is John Philip Sousa.
image loc
Paderewski avec Ernest Schelling, une amitiƩ solide
The grasping excessively entrepeneurial David Rumsey and his despicable irritating AMICA (The Art Museum Image Consortium Library {The AMICO Library™} [sic]) have this image of Schelling on offer, provided you subscribe to their enterprise by giving them money ($15US a month, $150US a year).
The same image is at the Library of Congress.
Schelling's first wife was Lucie Howe Draper, not to be confused with Lucie Bigelow Rosen, who may be seen here performing on an early version of the theremin.

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