these are the timesdirty beloved


phil borges photographs indigenous peoples around the world

char codes

these are related to these

cheese ikka via nocommercialpotential

wonderful pic of Al Kooper Mike Bloomfield and....thass right! Norman Rockwell.

from a bump on Elliot Randall's links page

kids with too much time and technology reduce a million typewriters to this and also manage to deliver this little gem collection
{later I realized I had failed to set down how wonderful the tiny dj was.}

hickory dickory from a link from Jenn Manley Lee
who provides also a link to this seemingly Japanese confectional Pilgrim's Progress

true loves Vancouver-centric universal reality comix from Strongman Press

cat garza Billy the Kid comic and other stuff too

from a link via Scott Mcloud via boing-boing

andromeda valor and technical sound-botany blooming in the junkyard of collapsing greed empirical deathstar

electro-harmonix stomp boxes


C.D. Wright's off-the-cuff poetry list:
It's really books: Erin Moure's Sheepish Love, Civilian Beauty, Evan S. Connell's Notes Found in a Bottle on a Beach at Carmel, Arthur Sze's River River, Philip Foss's Composition of Glass, Mei Mei Berssenbrugge's Empathy, Forrest's Deeds of Utmost Kindness, David Antin's Tuning, Merwin's Notes on An Unfinished Accompaniment, Michael Ondaatje's Collected Works of Billy the Kid, Ron Silliman's Ketjak, Creeley's For Love, Bronk's Life Supports, Bernadette Mayer's Midwinter Day, Cole Swensen's Park, Frank Stanford's Constant Stranger, Palmer's Notes From Echo Lake, Lorine Niedecker's The Granite Pail, Oppen's Selected, Frank O'Hara's Selected, Forche's The Country Between Us, Lyn Hejinian's My Life, Jacque Roubaud's Some Thing Black. Even the poets I love—it's usually the one title that affected me first and foremost. After that I'm along for the ride, and I can continue to be astonished. But that first hit is what clobbers me, and sometimes a later work, such as Ashbery's Flow Chart and Merwin's The Folding Cliffs, and Ondaatje's Handwriting, etc. will keep giving back to you in their fullness.

it's been this way for a long long time

for Emily wherever we may find her


Kelly's html testbed

Yale '09


goodly html hex color chart
I may be learning this

VST plugins from Rumpelrausch w/ an NGO non-price tag

still my favorite download— from the BBC a virtual theremin

vintage gauges

flute emulator

flat alien world interactive equipment

mixulator, man

sort of a vibraphone


blobworld not least for its name and unusual interface

some mighty interesting folks

from the Digital Library Project at UCBerkeley

a systemless listing of online helps in identifying wildflowers

California Academy of Sciences

California Native Plant Society

CNPS links


UCBerkeley elibrary

Henry Coe State Park

Michael Paul Thoma

step-by-step guide to the erection of sand sculpture from the guy who made this

parallel ways L.A.

beauty now

early L.A. balloon subtlety

sad poet crash

early L.A. dude narcissism

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