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Linda Thompson- Fashionably Late Van Dyke Parks guests on accordion and Hammond B-3 organ; Geoff Muldaur arranged "Miss Murray" for Richard Greene's fiddle and Parks' accordion; there are harmonies by Martha Wainwright and England's current folk princess, former Poozie Kate Rusby. Trad punk fiddler Eliza Carthy lends her spirit to "Weary Life", and Linda reunites with Eliza's father Martin Carthy (they made some demos together in 1970). The album also features Fairport veterans Jerry Donohue (solo on "All I See"), Dave Mattacks (drums) and Dave Pegg (acoustic bass, mandolin).

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Terry Riley: La Monte used to say that music is not for entertainment. He didn't believe that music is a diversion; it's about completely losing yourself inside the sound. Pandit Pran Nath said the same thing: Singing for man is second-rate music; singing for God is the real music. No matter what form it takes, if music is inspired and it comes from a deep place, it'll have a spiritual seed in it, and it'll affect people.
So I asked the Universe to give me something that would be substantial. This is something I always do, because I don't feel I have the power to write great pieces. When I set out, and the feeling I have is genuine, I ask for help.

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