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"For as long as I can remember, strangers have gone to great lengths to inform me of their presumption that I am still a child. While driving, I have had women on street corners shout at me—they think I’m too young to be behind the wheel of a car. And airline ticket agents always gape at my ability to fly solo, unaccompanied by an adult. In general, I am still thought to be half my age. What astonishes me about these encounters is not people’s erroneous assumptions, but rather their need to admit them to me."

Nancy Pastor

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At the Lake House

...the teenager across the lake

four abandons her book, and the rain
starts. The screen door bangs on its
four hinges. The linden bends under
the wind, and all the while the pull,

four and the woman on the porch, waiting.

Brighde Mullins
Poetry Daily

Sensitive Light

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Diablada (Dance of the Devils)

"The Diablada was probably inspired by native Bolivian tales of the tio (devil) in the mine, who embodied the life-giving but dangerous power of the inner earth. After the Spanish conquest in the sixteenth century, the local inhabitants were forced by their conquerors to work in the silver and tin mines where they faced great hardship and danger. The miners made offerings to the tio to avoid accidents and to help them find rich veins of precious metals."
The British Museum


...the night, the dark and the cloud come,
and the cows on their knees huddle in fields.
It looks like rain, a voice will say,

but in truth it looks like time...
Paul Guest
Verse Daily Apr.30.04, Korea past and present
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Time Travel Is Easy

Saturn by Cassini at APOD


Verse Daily came back

When a big storm is coming we hear the rain bird (Mirrlarr) call out. When we hear that bird we know that there will be a lot of rain coming. The rain fills the water holes but we always know where to find water even if there is no rain.

We share a ceremony which is held during the hot weather.


Metod Saniga is an astrophysicist at the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Tatranska, Lomnica, who started researching space and time after becoming frustrated with physics' conventional view that spacetime is unchanging and the flow of time is an illusion. Saniga believes that science has to be based on perception, and so has to take into account the different spacetimes experienced. A chance encounter with a geometrical construction called a pencil of conics became the basis his grand unified model of spacetime.
interview at nthposition

Be careful, George

Tick Tock Toys
50's dreck nostalgia

my eighth-grade sports team

It's National Poetry month
and Verse Daily has vanished

babies in his eyes


The Hiroshima Poetry Hoax
Emily Nussbaum
in Linguafranca: The Review of Academic Life November 1996
more on that hoax, and more hoaxes, too:
How Hoaxers Expose The True Fraud Of Artistic Arbiters
Dan Schneider
Kent Johnson interview
Vert Magazine Issue #9
a brazilian literary blog that seems representative of something I can almost find.
there's a big bright cloud of artists and writers down there...
if I could only speak Portugese...
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Some of the genuine old-timey fiddlers put rattlesnake rattles in their violins to keep out insects, spiders and the like. Italian violinists of 400 years ago kept toads in their instruments for similar duty.
LMBoyd Apr.26.04
Zaharr A. Hayatti
The Smyrna Time Machine
Gilded Serpent North Beach stars and stories
Cleanliness and Godliness
Golden Toad
Sue Draheim
Floating Lotus Magic Opera and Theatre Company

Bob Thomas
Bear/Bob Thomas logo for the Dead
35th annual Berkeley Old-Time Fiddler's Convention
Lark Camp

Margot Schilpp
Verse Daily


Once I Did Kiss Her Wetly on the Mouth

...her soles were black from ink
they laid her, naked, on my naked chest
so she could swell my breasts with milksong,
so I could warm her skin...

Beth Ann Fennelly
Poetry Daily

Constructive criticism of Ms. B. Spears
Sarah Wood in the Sunday Herald (Scotland)
and Colin Paterson with a less constructive, actually ungallant and mean, critique, in the same paper
It's true that celebrities are more artifact than person, and it's true that as a celebrity Spears has benefitted materially from her position as icon and role model for a generation of young women and girls; but she is one of those girls, and she's one of those young women as well. She's inhabiting, and exhibiting, the female soul of the world.
The problems aren't originating in her. And attacking those problems with scorn levelled at someone in her position is weak and ultimately misguided, if the goal is to make a better world from this one, or even just better art.
Trivial noise and images, but I'll bet there's a lot of worried moms out there still, whose daughters couldn't get enough of their idol and her image and noise.
Does she have a responsibility equal to the power of her celebrity?
I think so, but I don't think it's a responsibility to move to the commands of the politically correct and their own dim-witted ideas of what art should be and do.
What she is, like any true avatar, is what we are.
And her responsibility is to that.

Elemental table.

I had "hit upon" an idea.
Lyn Hejinian
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