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The dragon gave a great belch and crumpled on the rock.

Sigemund and the Fire Dragon
Beowulf Kamishibais
Student Work
Mrs. Lee's Literary Compendium

link Danny Yee

A man’s personality actuates and quickens his whole body. If anyone said it was unsuitable for the man’s power to be in the toe, he would be thought silly, because while granting that a man penetrates and actuates the whole of his body, he denied his presence in the part. Similarly, no one who admits the presence of the Word of God in the universe should think it unsuitable for him a single human body to be by him actuated and enlightened.
The Disseminary
Wealth Bondage, Saturday, June 26, 2004


Alexander Rodchenko at Expose

The Beecher Tradition : Isabella Beecher Hooker
"She organized the first convention held in Connecticut to discuss women in government, and formed the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association. In 1871 she organized the suffragist convention in Washington D.C. For seven years until its passage she submitted to the Connecticut legislature a bill to guarantee women the same property rights as their husbands."

Letter of apology for getting drunk

"View the Diamond Sutra in detail using our Turning the Pages system (requires Shockwave plug-in)":


Lester Bangs

twophoto Sam Maynard

"An art statement maybe, but until the islands were evacuated in 1934 this was how the islanders communicated with the outside world."
two—Sam Maynard on Steve Dilworth's commemoration of the evacuation of St Kilda

St. Kilda mailboat

New Visions
National Maritime Museum/Royal Observatory Greenwich

twophoto Cherry Kearton

in Scotland or Scandinavia carried byPosting the mailboat in 1897

The Evacuation
St. Kilda
The National Trust for Scotland


Miraculous Monster Birth
The Home School For Nervous And Delicate Children
Christin Couture
Dabora Gallery

Linda Kearns- A Revolutionary Irish Woman
...her lifelong mission to achieve greater rights for the nursing profession of which she herself was a member, and the wide range of issues in which she became involved. These included conditions in prisons and the lot of prisoners, the plight of refugees, and the rights of women in general and of nurses in particular.
This fascinating biography tells of her capture in November, 1920, and her terrible beating at the hands of the Head Constable, nicknamed ‘Spud’ Murphy. She subsequently spent terms of imprisonment in Derry, Belfast, Armagh, Liverpool and Mountjoy.

The Red Cross Fair detail
Belle Hoffman

Shannon Fine Art Auctioneers

"They are so damn 'intellectual' and rotten that I can't stand them anymore....I [would] rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas, than have anything to do with those 'artistic' bitches of Paris."
Frida Kahlo
letter to Robert Muray February 16, 1939
Illustrated letter from John Sloan in Santa Fe, to Walter Pach, June 9, 1920
Everett Shinn, Robert Henri, and John Sloan relaxing in Henri's studio in Philadelphia, 1896
The Duchamp Brothers 1914
Monet's first studio and grounds in Giverny, ca. 1905-1906
John Singer Sargent and Madame X
Florence Knoll nterior design sketch
Oscar Bluemner The Dance of Factory Life

"I longed to be someone else, to be liked only for oneself, to live quietly and happily, without the burden that goes with riches."
vita brevis Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
et ars longa Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney by Robert Henri at artnet
et ars longa speakART/Youth2Youth at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Archives of American Art

The Parliament of Fowles
For out of olde feldes, as men seith,
Cometh al this newe corn fro yeer to yere;
And out of olde bokes, in good feith,
Cometh al this newe science that men lere.
But now to purpos as of this matere —
To rede forth hit gan me so delyte,
That al the day me thoughte but a lyte.

This book of which I make of mencioun,
Entitled was al thus, as I shal telle,

'Tullius of the dreme of Scipioun.';
Chapitres seven hit hadde, of hevene and helle,
And erthe, and soules that therinnr dwelle,
Of whiche, as shortly as I can hit trete,
Of his sentence I wol you seyn the grete.

Geoffrey Chaucer
Online Medieval and Classical Library
Berkeley's White Horse Inn, the nation's second oldest gay bar
Incunabula Collection
California Heritage Collection
The Bancroft Library
Siberian Digital Photo Collection
Jewish community of Libya
University of California at Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

Liu Fang
Liu Fang
Liu Fang
Liu Fang

Wang Fei

Gao Hong

making shoddy
Scenes on the Pacific Coast
O redwood dedicated to the patrons of The Wasp
tree please let us underthree troublesome children
when we were young weBierce’s stinging denunciation of Oscar Wilde
Chinatown wires
dwarfed feet
used to goThe Binding Chair
under the redwood treeKathryn Harrison
Golden Gate Park. 1890s
Jean Stanley, one of the girls assaulted by the Spud Murphy Gang
Yue Qin
Chinese six-pack

California Cultures

Online Archive of California

Permission to Drink Anything
Mark Twain's letters to Edward Pötzl
Friends of The Bancroft Library


Border Art as a Political Strategy
Antonio Prieto
Information Services Latin America (ISLA)

"Don't fuck with the past, you might get pregnant"
—Silvia Gruner
Distant Relations
zone zero

you can't see what you can't see

Kesh pah hai
Willard Leroy Metcalf

The American Indian Observed: Selected Sketches and Documents
Exhibits Online
Archives of American Art

other online exhibits in the exceedingly well-done Archives:

Getting the Picture: The Art of the Illustrated Letter

letter to Wil Barnet, 1956
John Von Wicht

Wayne Thiebaud: Memories and Delights
In Sight: Portraits of Folk Artists by Chuck Rosenak
Frida Kahlo: Notas Sobre una Vida
Archivos Virtuales: The Papers of Latino and Latin American Artists

Love's Imploration mp3
Six Musical Moods
A Celebration of The Piano


Berck Plage
William Lionel Wyllie
Collections Online
National Maritime Museum, London

Human Miseries
Paul Gaugin
Maitres des Arts Graphiques
fine prints: original etchings, engravings, lithographs, and woodcuts



...turn, then turn again.
The general snores.
You will think it cold,
the way it fingers
open eyes, the darkened cheekbones,
the blood between the legs.
You will think it deaf...

Jan Zwicky
Poetry Daily


The Book Lover
A Literary Review (detail)


NASCAR Grocery
Black Purses
wool gathering
realising your dream of home
roofed with Marseilles Tiles
a naturally-earned six-pack


[The following lines were written on the return of L. Leichhardt, Esq.,
on the 25th March, 1846, from an Expedition through the Unexplored
Regions of Australia between Moreton Bay and Port Essington]
—by E.K.S.

Thy footsteps have return'd again, thou wanderer of the wild,
Where Nature from her lonely throne, in giant beauty smiled.
Pilgrim of mighty wastes, untrod by foot before,
Triumphant o'er the wilderness, the weary journey's o'er!
Proud man! In after ages, the story shall be told,
Of that advent'rous traveller, the generous, the bold,
Who scorning hope of selfish gain, disdaining soft repose,
First taught the howling wilderness to blossom like the rose.


The Shepheards Kalender

...between pride and humility, as the chaffe and the corn, for the chaffe is light and mounteth high, and the wind carrieth it about, and so is lost, and the corn which is heavy abideth low on the ground...


No. 28/102

Colonial Secretary's Office,
New South Wales.
16th May 1828

It is His Excellency the Governor's Pleasure to Dispense with the
Attendance at Government Work of William Anson
who was tried at Waterford Summer Assizes, 1823
Convict for Seven years, arrived per Ship Castle Forbes
Ord Master, in the Year 1824 and to permit him
to employ himself (off the Stores) in any lawful Occupation with the
District of Parramatta for his own Advantage during good Behaviour;
or, until His Excellency's further Pleasure shall be made known.

By His Excellency's Command.
Alexr. McLeay


The South Seas
Part I: The Marquesas
An Island Landfall
—Robert Louis Stevenson

For nearly ten years my health had been declining: and for some while before I set forth upon my voyage, I believed I was come to the afterpiece of life, and had nothing the muse and undertaker to expect. It was suggested that I should try the South Seas; and I was not unwilling to [indecipherable] visit like a ghost, and be carried like a babe, among scenes that had attracted me in youth and health. I chartered accordingly Dr Trewit's schooner yacht, the Casco, 74 tons register, sailed from San Francisco towards the end of June 1888, visited the Eastern Islands, and was left at Honolulu early the next year. Hence, lacking courage to return to my old life of the house and sickroom, I set forth to leeward in a trading schooler, the Equator of a little over seventy tons...
State Library of New South Wales

William Merritt Chase at vertechnic,
thanks,for services previously rendered...

twophoto Fred Dufour/AFP

le bras droit tendu de Mao au Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon

Bob Powers is the consistent genius of the Internet



This tongue that I have mastered
has mastered me;

has taught me curses
in the language of the master

has taught me bondage
in the language of the master

I speak this dispossession
in the language of the master

Abena Busia
Poetry Daily


komi naine ketramas

Asjad ja inimesed
Eesti Rahva Muuseum

Penelope Houston
Corpus Christi
The Avengers- The American In Me
penelope net

Dhakiyarr Wirrpanda
Uncommon Lives
National Archives of Australia

Johannes Pääsuke and Estonian Film
Johannes Pääsuke (1892-1918) who also was the author of the first Estonian feature film “Bear-Hunt in Pärnu District” (1914) and established the first estonian film studio “Estonia-Film” at Tartu in 1913.

[The images are so heavily watermarked they're like looking back through the century itself. Like he's sent them through the fires of two world wars and the noise and static of all that hectic inventing and mad hammering industry. It appeals to me that way, it's more accurate, though the nostalgia's gone, and the romance of it is flattened. You don't get the psychic hit of Estonian film pioneering, of this kid walking into the light, with all that hope and optimism of being 21 and having founded the first Estonian film studio. It's humbling, appropriate in a way. A reminder. It's not a show.
But it's still theft. The only people that have a right to proprietary disfigurement are the artists. Merchants have so blurred the distinction between artists as makers and owners, and simple ownership itself, that we have these ponderous absurd debates between champions of human endeavor and people who own art that they couldn't make with their small pinched souls if their lives depended on it. Music is not entertainment. That's a merchant's category, the naming itself is theft. It's as though anything not strictly necessary to maintain the body as an organism is extra, unnecessary.
Music is an essential human activity, as necessary to human survival as shitting and sleeping and fucking. As necessary as laughter.
Music was stolen from the people and sold back to them by predators whose only song is the clink and whisper of money changing hands.
Watermarking is theft, of something that has nothing to do with finance, a theft of the sacred. That's what open source is about. It's not childish idealism, it's human values going up against Leviathan, Moloch. It's mammals versus the machine. Watermarking is theft.]


Johannes Pääsuke
Man with Two Cameras

Narva Muuseum

"On 27 April 1912 he filmed, with a camera he made himself, the flight demonstration of the Russian aviator Sergei Utotchkin in Tartu."
two cameras—Ülle Lillak, The too short flight of Pääsuke

millyard 1913
Johannes Pääsuke
Viru-Nigula kihelkond vanadel fotodel
Pada küla
Anna Angunova 1989
Aldo Luud
Komi Hingus

Eesti Rahva Muuseum

The Maker of Lines

Lola Haskins
Poetry Daily

The Wallace

Scotland's Pages
"...almost one thousand years of Scotland's history via our interactive timeline..."

Himba Moments
Dori Caspi
African Imagery

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