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geoMETry artist list way to go!

interesting and odd intro to entry to new brunswick museum of art


Hans Hofmann!!!!!!!!!! ( AskArt
Hans Hofmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at GeoMetRy
Hans Hofmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at Berkeley,Berkeley Thank You Thank You Berkeley Thank You
Berekeley also has this......list

interesting site euroweb big zoom


boucher girl

really cool setup old masters site

I like this picture but don't know why

Boston MFA Egypt via the amazing Berger foundation site

All along the Nile, the first sources of life must be sought in the kingdom of the dead.
Jacques-Edouard Berger
archeology and love of life
Berger Foundation(what a find!)rococo architecture
list of artists very extensive
Charles Gleyretoo risque for school eh?

totally cool french multimedia encyclopedia that I have to figure out how to register for (in french no less)

french painting site?art site?flash art search

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