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from reading a wonderful poem by Robert Wrigley and following its link to webdelsol's five points, and then on to Prairie Schooner and its links list and somewhere in there linking to Crowd with its perfect covers and inside them, the Lucian Freudian mastery of Natalie Frank's art. also somehow or other going to beehive, an intellectual trove if I ever saw one, in between the beginning and end of all that jumping around the ineradicable stain of Shelley Jackson's brainiac smartypants poetry, some of it delivered in MP3. I found a lot of things to treasure and reread, to remember and hold. But of all I found, this piece, the second one on the page, by Miriam Sagan, is the one I most want to hear again, and keep.

Big bridge is a big magazine with lots of bigtime people and stuff in it, including this big literary links list

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