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Nadia Anjuman Herawi
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James. James Oscco Anamaría, repito tu nombre varias veces. Como una oración lo repito al comenzar mi jornada y le digo a Dios, a los amigos y a mi mismo, quizá para poder empezar a creerlo, que nunca jamás estuviste tan vivo.
antonio pérez morte
What certain poets of trauma intuit is that their old self cannot survive the suffering it has experienced without succumbing. Thus necessity permits and compels imagination to create a new self, a self strong enough or different enough to move through and beyond the trauma and its aftermath.
Gregory Orr, quoted by Sam Hamill at Poets Against War

Fady Joudah: The Name of the Place
Poets Against War

A shopping mall swirls around the corpse of a beetle...
Poem With Two Endings
Jane Hirshfield
Hirshfield at The Academy of American Poets
Hirshfield at Ploughshares
The Poet
Hirshfield at Steven Barclay - Titles, Links


The Crucifixion (details)
Jan Van Eyck
From Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish Painting in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
"Money complicates everything. I've got a genuine belief that art is a more powerful currency than money - that's the romantic feeling that an artist has. But you start to have this sneaking feeling that money is more powerful. They constantly collide, these notions. I even toyed with the idea that having too much money was the same as having not enough."
Damien Hirst, the world's most famous living artist, Observer UK 19.Feb.06

'In the name of the father'
sheep crucified and suspended in formaldehyde

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