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Cours de dessin

View of Lake Nemi

Leon Coignet

Log Church of the Savior from the village of Zashiversk (1700), northwest view, moved and reassembled in the Outdoor Architecture and History Museum at Akademgorodok, Russia

Grammatical lenition involves a "softening" of the initial consonants of words in certain grammatical situations


The Seven Bishops, acquitted
29 June , 1688
Captain Porteous, murder; Capt. Porteous, at Edinburgh, on 15th April,
1736, commanded the guard at the execution of Wilson, a smuggler, who
had saved the life of a fellow criminal. This excited great commiseration,
and the spectators pelted the guards with stones. Fearing a rescue,
Porteous ordered his men to fire upon the mob, and seventeen persons
were killed or wounded. He was found guilty of murder, 22nd June, but
the Queen granted him a reprieve (the King being then at Hanover).
The people, at night, broke open the prison and hanged Porteous on a
Dyer`s sign post, in the Grass-market, 7th September 1736. None of the
rioters were ever detected.
22 June , 1736
Arthur O`Conner and O`Coigley, at Maidstone for treason; latter hanged
21 May , 1798
Sir Edward Crosbie, and others for high treason; hanged
1 June , 1798
Beauchamp.Bagenal Harvey, at Wexford, for high treason
21 June , 1798
Two Messrs Sheares, at Dublin for high treason; executed
12 July , 1798
Theobald.Woulffe Tone, by court-martial(committed suicide, died on the19th)
10 Nov , 1798
Sir Harry. Brown Hayes, for carrying off Miss Pike of Cork
Hatfield, for shooting at King GEORGE III at Drury-lane theatre;
Confirmed as a lunatic till his death 23rd Jan, 1841

Galloping Dick took a hasty road to perdition. Happy had it been for him had he chosen the safe path of virtue, and run a good race.

DICK, Galloping
1800 04 Apr
Highwayman; Aylesbury
VAUGHAN, Richard Wm.
1758 11 May
First forger of Bank of England Notes
1761 11 Nov
Fraudulent bankrupt; Smithfield
1776 17 Jan
Wine merchant, Forgery; Tyburn
1797 11 Dec
Celebrated murderess; Old Bailey
1803 03 Sep
(a rank imposter, who married, by means of the most odious deceit, the celebrated "Beauty of Buttermere"). Forgery; Carlisle
HOLLOWAY, John 1807 23 Feb
HAGGERTY, Owen 1807 23 Feb
Murder of Mr. STEELE; Old Bailey. 28 of the spectators were trodden to death
1808 07 Mar
The man of blood, murder; Hertford
LOWE, Edward
1827 22 Nov
Coining (the last coiner drawn on a sledge to a scaffold); Old bailey
John Any Bird Bell
1831 01 Aug
A boy of 14yrs, for the murder of a boy of 13yrs; Maidstone
1829 30 Jun
Murder of her child; old bailey
SMITH, John 1835 08 Apr Unnatural crime; old bailey
PRATT, James 1835 08 Apr Unnatural crime; old bailey
SATTLER, Christian
1858 08 Feb
A German, murder of Inspector THAIN;old bailey
OCKOLD,William(age 70)
1863 02 Jan
Murder of his wife,after 50yrs marriage; Worcester
HEAP, Alfred T.
1875 19 Apr
Quack, Murder of MARGARET McKIVETT;Liverpool

List Of Executions - England 1606 Onward

This Morning to love
what the world offers to our eyes
and ears, to the touch

translated into what we touch;
how, later, on this particular morning
on the way to work, to love
the hawk ...

Eric Trethewey
Verse Daily Feb.06.04


The Stranger
After a Guarani legend recorded by Ernesto Morales

One day in the forest there was somebody
who had never been there before
it was somebody like the monkeys but taller
and without a tail and without so much hair
standing up and walking on only two feet
and as he went he heard a voice calling Save me

as the stranger looked he could see a snake
a very big snake with a circle of fire
that was dancing all around it
and the snake was trying to get out
but every way it turned the fire was there

so the stranger bent the trunk of a young tree
and climbed out over the fire until he
could hold a branch down to the snake
and the snake wrapped himself around the branch
and the stranger pulled the snake up out of the fire

and as soon as the snake saw that he was free
he twined himself around the stranger
and started to crush the life out of him
but the stranger shouted No No
I am the one who has just saved your life
and you pay me back by trying to kill me

but the snake said I am keeping the law
it is the law that whoever does good
receives evil in return
and he drew his coils tight around the stranger
but the stranger kept on saying No No
I do not believe that is the law

so the snake said I will show you
I will show you three times and you will see
and he kept his coils tight around the stranger's neck
and all around his arms and body
but he let go of the stranger's legs
Now walk he said to the stranger Keep going

so they started out that way and they came
to a river and the river said to them
I do good to everyone and look what they
do to me I save them from dying of thirst
and all they do is stir up the mud
and fill my water with dead things

the snake said One

the stranger said Let us go on and they did
and they came to a carandá-i palm
there were wounds running with sap on its trunk
and the palm tree was moaning I do good
to everyone and look what they do to me
I give them my fruit and my shade and they cut me
and drink from my body until I die

the snake said Two

the stranger said Let us go on and they did
and came to a place where they heard whimpering
and saw a dog with his paw in a basket
and the dog said I did a good thing
and this is what came of it
I found a jaguar who had been hurt
and I took care of him and he got better

and as soon as he had his strength again
he sprang at me wanting to eat me up
I managed to get away but he tore my paw
I hid in a cave until he was gone
and here in this basket I have
a calabash full of milk for my wound
but now I have pushed it too far down to reach

will you help me he said to the snake
and the snake liked milk better than anything
so he slid off the stranger and into the basket
and when he was inside the dog snapped it shut
and swung it against a tree with all his might
again and again until the snake was dead

and after the snake was dead in there
the dog said to the stranger Friend
I have saved your life
and the stranger took the dog home with him
and treated him the way the stranger would treat a dog

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Well then

General McPherson's horse's bones left to lie at the scene of his death

Barnard's Photographic Views of the Sherman Campaign
Materials from the Hargrett Library
Galileo Georgia's Virtual Library

The London family in front of their farm house, Dahlonega 1890

Greene County, ca. 1900-1910
singing school, Gordon County 1914

Corinth Baptist Church, Gordon County, Georgia, ca. 1900

Josiah W. Sirmans and a friend, Lowndes County, ca. 1890
a June singing, Lebanon, Cherokee County, Georgia, 1920

Three generations of Ectors seated on the steps of the porch of Mrs. William B. McCurry located on Howell Street. John Ector (center) is said to have been a slave and was born in Wilkes County, Georgia. His son "Doc" Ector with guitar is on the left. John Ector's grandson, John Arthur Ector, is on the right.

Dock King, Mrs. A. B. Forrester, Rabun County, Georgia, ca. 1920
Toccoa, 1920s
Virgil Silvers
woman with violin, Bibb County

[these two images aren't placed for editorial contrast, they came up that way in the long process of making. That there is something to say about them as documents is too obvious to mention.
But these links are about music, and people, and photographs, in Georgia a long time ago; and inasmuch as they're the result of a lot of hard work done by the folks at UG, work that makes my complaint at an hour's tedium seem trivial at best, I'd like to say emphatically, here they are. The narrative is at Vanishing Georgia. This is a very small list. What you see is what you bring to it. There are much subtler keys to the way it was in these images than black poverty and white gentility, if you look for them.]

Bob and his fiddle

Regina Rambo Benson

[this woman is likely to've been a relative of mine]
Frances King Thompson
Cohutta Springs, 1894
house party, LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia, 1890's
singing group at Rocky Face Baptist Church
Joe Weston 1915

Iva Jones, playing the guitar, and her niece

Miss Macon of The Peach Belt Line

Vanishing Georgia

Galileo Georgia's Virtual Library

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