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Le Jeu du Billeboquet (detail)

François de Poilly, the younger
(page confuses de Poilly the younger with Jean Baptiste de Poilly)
Royal Academy of Arts, London

Lyskamm ridge
Volcán Osorno and Lago Llanquihue after sunset
Rough weather is waiting link fixed
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Cézanne and Pissarro 1865-1885
Musée d'Orsay

Edvard Munch Summer Night in Aasgarstrand
Musée d'Orsay

Google links for Munch Summer night
Artcyclopedia Summer Night
Winslow Homer A Summer Night
Wolf Kahn My Barn on a Summer Night

"No painting has ever touched me in the way this one has"

Alma Mahler's lifelong sorrow at the loss of "Sommernacht am Strand" by Edvard Munch
story Guardian UK
image and link chmkoome's Blog
via artbbq

ARTBBQ is another reason I'm more than happy to have some immediate Dutch ancestry

Someone Reading a Book Is a Sign of Order in the World

Reading is hazardous. Here is a true story that proves it: a Chinese student, having read The Scarlett Letter, saw an American in China wearing a high school letter jacket with the letter A on the front...
Mary Ruefle at The Academy of American Poets
Speak, Zero
Mary Ruefle at Verse Daily

'The Sound,' the harmony of the spheres.
Phil Lesh and Friends

Six at the Beginning her hand as he
comes downstairs. The curls fall
like ribbons, filling the hollow
at her neck. And though...
Deborah Bogen
Poetry Daily

Hartford Newsgirls
Lewis Hine


Abject apologetic update

The Library of Congress has put seemed to have put their parent directories behind whatever it is that returns the phrase:

You don't have permission to access /pnp/fsa/8b30000/8b30100/ on this server.
Browsing those directories was remains the single most consistent wonder of all the Internet for me. Because you never knew know exactly what would will come up next.
I found expect to continue to unexpectedly come across some great images there.
But I guess the idea is we'll all be safer now, with those pictures firmly under the guiding hands of authority. And that's not jumping to erroneous conclusions based on scant evidence and a paranoid disposition is what matters most.

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