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When were you born?

On a Friday, which is a payday - p; the money day. And the date was two zero, 20th of the third, So because I was born on the 20th of the third, I know that three six are out there making trouble. So I demand the power of the three six, take away the three six, have the three six tricked, trick the three six, wrap up the three six, have it well mixed in my master mix. And take away the power of the arch-bishop and the pope's, and the council of the churches and the heads of government. And take away the power of the International Monetary Foundation, take silver from Wall Street and Capitol Hill as the Mental Doctor of the People. The Peoples' Doctor. Heh, heh. And the people actor. The People's Inheritance.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Return of The Upsetter by Doug Wendt. Midnight Dread Interview with Lee 'Scratch' Perry for High Times. This is the unedited version.

{healing waters on the revelation voodoo by virtue of gmtPlus9 birthday wishing Lee "Scratch" Perry}

The small tv picks up
half-shadows of life,
like game shows and
shopping channels.

The night clerk looks so much
like Lao-tzu, I know...

from Motel Night
Ron Houchin at Verse Daily March 21, 2003


Bruce Langhorne inspired me more than any single other guitar player to make some kind of sound come out of that thing.
he makes hot sauce too

Karen Dalton, Bob Dylan, Fred Neil

Project Teach-Konbit Pwof

Tequila Minsky!
Amber Munger!
Windows on Haiti!

Do you know anybody with a "quiet mind"? I mean of the sort Robert Louis Stevenson described: "Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm."

LMBoyd March 17 2003


Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Celtic musicians and a history of recorded Celtic music from an Italian doctor

Richard Thompson (Henry The Human Fly)

...Speaking in tongues without any rhyme
Ragged outcasts on the wastelands of time
Easy rider coming down the road, easy rider overload

Looking for sometime, somewhere, some place
Sometime, somewhere, some space
Sometime, somewhere, some grace,
But nowhere is their freedom...

Winwood/Capaldi 1994

the hereford Mappa Mundi
c. 1300, with Jerusalem at its center

Andrea McLean, in her capacity as artist-in-residence, created a series of paintings in Gloucester Cathedral which were later exhibited as The Flower of All Cities.
more Mappae Mundi here and here
hard to grasp for a lot of other fundamentalists, but Jerusalem is sacred in Islam, also
Update March18:
Jacquie McShee's Pentangle has a new CD, Passe Avant, the cover of which utilizes a detail from the Hereford Mappa Mundi.
Jacquie McShee's voice carries a dream of human grace, holds it and carries it on, ad astra per aspera.


Francis Bacon, The Great Instauration (excerpts)


Matisse, drawing.

Photo by Robert Capa, at photo-eye.

Ruskin's Triangle

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