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Steve Earle wrote a book called 'Doghouse Roses'

The Offended Homeless - Real Books, Real Bookstore, Real Booksellers {yeah it is}

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blues lyrics AND sound clips

photopoet p. goedicke

Aqua Project Science The Aqua mission is a part of the NASA-centered international Earth Observing System (EOS). Aqua was formerly named EOS PM, signifying its afternoon equatorial crossing time.
{cool pitchers of earth oceans}


mandy barnett

steve forbert reviews other musicians which I think is a swell idea on his part

antones records

alejandro escovedo links

sonny landreth

lou ford mp3's

mongrel music has LOTS of great artists

buddy and julie miller

rounder records is missing

rykodisc catalog of artists

dragcity records

alejandro escovedo


turkish music lots of it

cd roots again

really nice world music/classical/contemporary record company from germany

Stepanida Borissova trance siberia

erkan ogur
The name of the group, Telvin, has a meaning in Sufism, but it's hard to explain. The word means colors, but as applied to human characters. Philosophically it means that you are in a position, but when you move to a different position what you have in the middle is Telvin, it's like a process in life. And music improvisation is like that, you do not know what comes after, you make your own path, it is like Telvin. That's the origin of the name, we keep the structure, the harmony, but we are free to change everything, free like clouds and birds moving in the sky

sabreen group

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Presentation [Matisse-Picasso] Matisse and Picasso are the acknowledged twin giants of modern art

Recording review: Sirine Putnik is the Russian term for the wandering musicians who went from village to village in the Russian countryside singing religious songs.

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