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The game of cricket, explained by an Icelandic gentleman, Sigmund Siignatuur, to an audience of Jordanians.
Jordan Times September 5-6, 2003 (weekly link rollover)

'People talk especially about the social aspects, the uses and the history of peat. From this philosophy PeatPolis emerged. Artist Adri de Fluiter and I discussed the establishment of an open-air exhibition of peat art. After two years of planning and preparation, we reached the stage in May this year where the seventeen artists could begin to build the peat town.'
It wasn't pleasant work for the international gathering, with artists from as far away as Peru and Japan. 'They toiled for a fortnight in the open air on their works of art,' says Tonnis. 'For the first week, the weather was wet, grey and cold. In the second week it was boiling hot and oppressive. It was a devil of a job for the artists, but the results are worth it.'

Independent (UK)David Blaine:
"No sequins or toothy grins. He hits the gossip pages regularly, dating in the past the likes of Daryl Hannah and Madonna. He admits to once being hooked on heroin and other drugs. He is clean now, he says.
Yet at the same time, he is a throwback to the days of boardwalk freaks and vaudeville. With his Thames challenge, he is carrying on the legend of Houdini, whom he claims among his heroes. Indeed, his main residence is a Gothic-style mansion in Hollywood that was once home to the legendary escapologist. In the past three years, he has similarly encased himself in a block of ice for three days, buried himself alive in a glass coffin for seven days and balanced atop a narrow 83ft pole before leaping off into a pile of cardboard boxes. "

The Republic Sublime
Christopher Cessac
Poetry Daily September 6 2003


Jugendstil Architecture, Riga:
esthet travels
esthet typepad

Pink Bathroom

"an object that for some reason, I am very fond of"

Marion Peck

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Under my thumb, like a squirmy dog who's just had her day.
—Rolling Stones
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—Rocks of Encampment
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—Stones of the Latter Nine of Read
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—Foundation-rock of Campaign Ending
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Daniel Garber
Smithsonian/NMAA Ryder
artcyclopedia search

The Necklace
Richard Miller
Smithsonian/NMAA Ryder
artcyclopedia search


"At the bottom of this cube there was a wall a couple of feet high all the way around, and the wall was covered with those things you get for the children's painting books where you just put water on them. So over the few days it survived--it was wrecked by vandals-- the water would drip, and it would splash onto these little pictures which gradually came to life very slowly. But it was a very lovely thing, it made the most beautiful delicate noise. I had the water just dripping onto little cans with skins stretched across them so that they made little percussive noises, little dings and tinkles and so on, a very very delicate noise, and it was right by a river, so the gentle bubbling of the river was in the background. But that got wrecked, unfortunately. It was outside and I never even got a photograph of it."

Brian Eno interviewed by Lester Bangs
reprint at Perfect Sound Forever
'...Bryan Ferry's fin du chicle romanticism...'
—Lester Bangs, ibid.
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Brian Ferry
FRANTIC new solo album—
Musicians involved include Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, Dave Stewart (who co-wrote several numbers) and Roxy tour stalwarts Paul Thompson, Chris Spedding, Colin Good and Lucy Wilkins. Brian Eno collaborates with Ferry on the co-written finale 'I Thought', and also plays on 'Goddess Of Love'. "And he sings with gusto on both!" smiles Bryan.

{I should own up to the science fiction side of my existence. Because it doesn't seem to be as evident here as it is in my little interior world. It's what started my intellectual/spiritual life. Coloring in the skeletal outlines drawn by the rote drills of school and church. My favorite sci-fi moment was an early Twilight Zone episode. The one where the old witchy-Appalachian grandma's sweeping her house with a broom or using the broom to try to sweep these pesky little *things* out of her house. They're like termites in the winged phase, like bugs. And she's getting progressively more desperate with it. And at the end you see these markings on the *bugs*...}

A gorgeous parfait at a new café, a classmate who has just fallen into a puddle, a child opening wide for a spooned-in mouthful, a miniature milk package on an airline tray -- the camera phone makes it possible to take and share pictures of the stream of people, places, pets and objects in the flow of everyday life.
Unlike the traditional camera, the camera phone is an intimate and ubiquitous presence that invites a new kind of personal awareness, a persistent alertness to the visually newsworthy that makes amateur photojournalists out of its users.
Blogs and now moblogs have provided new fodder for the claim that the Internet challenges traditional structures of journalistic authority. In addition, reporting is being transformed by quiet yet equally important practices below the radar of published news of both the micro and macro variety.
Japan Media Review


The Annunciation
Merry Christmas


{I just caught the last half hour or so of 'Touch of Evil'. Orson Welles. He does this perfect J. Edgar Hoover. I never knew though I should have. Dietrich's in it. Charlton Heston plays a Mexican intellectual cop named 'Vargas'. Whatever else he did with his life, arranging for Welles to direct was a gift to us all. The film is thick with atmospheric compression, layer after layer. Perfect photgraphy, great dialogue.
Then I was thinking, the way I'm trained to, about all the 'good cops' doing their best, inside a corrupt machine, a rudderless ship, delusional captain, whatever. The idea that you can be moral, righteous, and that it doesn't mean anything if what you're part of is evil. That's the big scam of current theology, that all that matters is what's in your heart, your will. Bullshit. It's a con to keep everybody holding back. It'll never be too late, so there's no need for desperation. The zealots grin and carry on, the signs and wonders unfold. And the souls go on winking out. Then I was thinking about Labor Day and how the unions start there. Right there. It's corrupt but it's all we have. And it's not that we just want more, a bigger share, it's that this is all we have, the way it is. We work from here. No matter how great the change that comes, it starts with this. The way things are.
We're at the junction, in a lot of ways. The one I'm thinking about now is the moment where helplessness demands submission, like self-aware cattle, having to choose the blindness of what seems like safety, all the predators are gone, it's safe, so safe in the field. But we can see it isn't. Some of us. And what I think we're struggling with, what we're fighting, is the ones who would keep slaves, and the ones who have to live the lives of slaves because they can't do anything else.
That part's pretty clear. What we are, who we are, that's not so clear.
Those cattle though, there's a predator there still. They just don't see it that way.}

Anggun World

The tactful cactus by your window
Surveys the prairie of your room
The mobile spins to its collision
Clara puts her head between her paws
They've opened shops down West side
Will all the cacti find a home
But the key to the city
Is in the sun that pins
the branches to the sky

eight line poem
'Hunky Dory' 1971

...I miss your kissin'
and i miss your head
And a letter in your writing
doesn't mean you're not dead

Just run outside in the desert heat
Make your dress all wet
and send it to me
I miss your soup and I miss your bread
And a letter in your writing
doesn't mean you're not dead
So spill your breakfast
and drip your wine
Just wear that dress when you dine


So, sitting here wishing
on a cement floor
Just wishing that i had just something you wore
Bloody your hands on a cactus tree
Wipe'em on your dress
and send it to me...

'heathens' 2002

David Bowie

Al-Ahram Weekly 28 August - 3 September 2003: "Everything we have heard of Iraq and Iraqis recently has had to do with war. And so it was with no little excitement that music lovers and Arabophiles with intellectual pretensions received the news of Ilham Al-Madfa'i's visit to Cairo last week. The Iraqi musician held a number of concerts: at the Cairo Opera House's Open-Air Theatre, at the Citadel's Saha Theatre and the Cairo Jazz Club. Cairenes are not as familiar with Al- Madfa'i's music as their Arab brethren. He is particularly popular among Jordanians and Palestinians, perhaps because he has lived in Amman since the early 1990s. Yet even though Ilham's songs are rarely aired on satellite channels all his Cairo concerts attracted full houses."

Desert Women
spine tingling poetry by Pat Mora

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Survival Racing Car
Yanobe Kenji
from Atom Car link
at gmtplus9 2003/08/31

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