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The word guitar is a Persian loanword to Iberian Arabic
A Russian seven string is tuned differently from the Spanish guitar. It is tuned in thirds instead of fourths, resulting in a G major chord as follows: D', G', B, D, g, b, d'. This tuning is thought to have derived from that of the torban, a Ukrainian variety of theorbo, as one of its tunings was also based on major triads.
L'Arpeggiata downloads
L'Arpeggiata - Los Impossibles
Christina Pluhar Рharpe baroque, th̩orbe, direction
Marcello Vitalechitarra battente, guitare baroque
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Alfio is Sicilian, and has mastered an extremely complex art. His music-making is part of the polyrhythmic art that Sicilians know backwards and forwards.
Interview with Christina Pluhar
at Goldberg, the early music portal
Guitarra, portuguesa
Marcello Vitale Tarantella Napoletana
more chitarra battente
and more
I Cantori di Carpino
theorbos I have known

theater am spittelberg
Hotel Palindrone
Caroline Lavelle on a very big horse
Ned Ludd Socially Useless Men
Poliziano’s Orpheus accompanied himself on a lute
or perhaps a bowed lira di braccio
Orpheus (detail)
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"Jeannie" the Lady Hermit of the Cornish Cliffs

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