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How long do reindeer live?

As long as they can.


flehmen [flay-mun]

the raising of the head and the curling of the lip as a behavior in response to stimuli, especially sex pheromones. It seems that cats and horses do it, but not so much the traditional birds and bees (nor educated fleas).
From a German word that means ‘curling the lip in sexual excitement.’

The Cassadaga propaganda

Un missionnaire du moyen age raconte qu'il avait trouvele point ou le ciel et la Terre se touchent
Illus. in: L'atmosphere; meteorologie populaire / Camille Flammarion.
Paris : Librairie Hachette et cie, 1888


This tiny ball provides evidence that the universe will expand forever...
The attraction is known as the Casimir Effect, named for its discoverer, who, 50 years ago, was trying to understand why fluids like mayonnaise move so slowly.

APOD 17.Dec.06
Some of us are wont perforce to wonder what it is the universe is expanding into

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