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Merritt Chase at above

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giotto magdalen

magdalen at haverford luini search

Luini, Bernardino

domestic life of the rainbow Patrick Hughes


parmigianino madonna and child with clouds

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William Louis Sonntag

Cannaletto at artonline

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robin urto is a sweet and talented personart links urto
frida Kahlo what the water gave me search
her work

Frida Kahlo
what the water gave me

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Lilian Westcott Hale
Nancy and The Map of Europe
for the title
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Tom Thompson at BertC

Pissarro(little image)

English 1723-1792
Miss Susanna Gale
oil on canvas
210.0 x 118.8 cm
Felton Bequest 1934

Susanna Gale (1749-1823), daughter of a Jamaican plantation owner,
was about fourteen when Reynolds painted this portrait. By the 1760s
Reynolds usually painted his female sitters in classical drapery, but the
young Miss Gale is dressed in contemporary clothes, although she is
placed like a sculpture on a stone plinth in front of a classical column.

The painting was trimmed on the right edge in the eighteenth century,
the result of seawater damage after a ship captained by Susanna's husband
ran aground on the northwest coast of America.



venice biennale ernesto neto!!!
multo images and all
library of congress photos

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rena brantsen gallery (again)

bernardtoale gallery

boggleminding gallery index from ADAA(why am I so itchy today?)

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Lara Solt photo 13 yr old autistic girl

francesca woodman

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