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"We're moving beyond the music space," says Mayers. "We want to use Superfly as the umbrella company to build our brand. Real estate, restaurants, hotels, resorts--we're open to everything."
Outside Lands

Carolyn Drake photography

The national anthem of the United States of America (link to mp3)

Damien Hirst said, 'I am delighted to be able to support Survival International and their work for threatened tribal peoples around the world – who are too often the ‘forgotten’ peoples.'


As his centenary approaches, oligarchs and arms dealers compete for possession of paintings in which feral, rutting men and mutant women reel through life in a mood of what Bacon thought of as tragic gaiety

Fed By Birds is crowing

nineteen shillings for an unmarked grave,
the body nine feet down,
stacked on top of three others,
and eventually
followed by four more

The Apples in Chandler's Valley make those apples redder.
Then ducks and a rock
that didn't get redder. . .
You don't know what I'm talking about
unless you know this poem by Kenneth Patchen.
Ron Padgett/Poetry Daily

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