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I arrived 19 days after the storm hit.
The time when the flood waters were just beginning to recede.
There were no people in these neighborhoods.
The place was empty.
I happen to have a press pass.
That was the only way to get in unless you were police, army, FEMA,
or some other government entity.
The city was evacuated.
What am I suppose to do?
Track down some owner and fly him him or her in and pose them
like stick figure props in front of their house?
By this method maybe I would of taken 10 photos in the cummululative
3 months I spent there.
Robert Polidori at Alec Soth

Polidori in New Orleans at the Met

Ciudadela, Formerly the house of Countess O'Reilly, The Condesa de Buenavista
Robert Polidori/artnet

Portrait of Dora Maar

Rogi Andre/Rosa Klein
Andre Kertesz and the Paris avante-garde
Edwynn Houk Gallery


puerh at wikipedia

It is often collected, private collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars exist, many people in Asia treat it as an investment. Old, and thus valuable, pieces of Puerh are often given as part of a Bride’s dowery.

Biologically-inspired reaction-diffusion systems: a blog
and Oolong’s Long Oo

Anne Frank foto van Otto Frank

Responding in the only way we can:

On February 7, 2004, the body of Traci Johnson, a 19-year-old college student, was found hanging by a scarf from a shower rod in a drug company laboratory. Johnson had no apparent signs of depression, and the reason she killed herself was a mystery. What made her death different from other such tragedies is that she was a subject in a trial of an experimental antidepressant.
Gary Cooper with his arms around a little girl,
and both of them in bed
Anne Frank oddly naked, taken by her father
Masculine domination of the feared and innocent and sacred
A selection of essays on the truest obscenity of this if not all time
at informant38
to which this site is sister/twin:

their porous, thin-shelled eggs

Man Watching World Trade Center Construction NYC 1969
Arthur Lavine
via Bibi
whose video archival activities are astounding

that bronze thing

Professor Hex participates in a book burning

On one occasion, she had to use a tank to rescue her daughter from school.
Eventually, she escaped with two daughters on a hydrofoil driven by Dutch mercenaries and returned to Scotland to live in St Andrews near her mother.
P.Hex courtesy ingenio de la escalera

Chi' Bagoda
Land+Living > inhabitat


The unusual hole pictured above was found on the slopes of the giant Martian volcano Arsia Mons.

Jim Thorpe at Today in History:

As his professional sports career drew to a close, the Depression proved a particularly difficult time for Thorpe. He held a variety of jobs but was too poor to buy a ticket to the 1932 Olympic Games; when he was invited to sit in the presidential box, a crowd of 105,000 stood to cheer him.

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Zombie flash mob San Francisco
Declan McCullagh

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