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Catherine Phil MacCarthy
Poetry Today Apr.17.04

A Great Famine Monumental Triptych
Nina Marchenko

"The blood on the knife blade..."

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Malice Aforethought

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Michael Schnabel

Born in a tepee in Lightning Creek, Oklahoma
In the 1920s, Reed found an ideal dance partner in comedian Willie Bryant. Together they formed a vaudeville act called "Brains as Well as Feet," and choreographed a flashy finale that was called the Shim Sham Shimmy. The routine, which was ideally suited to the line dance, is often referred to as the anthem of tap.

When his racial origins were discovered, the fair-skinned Reed was forced to stop dancing in white revues. For the next four decades, he worked in other areas of the entertainment industry. He produced shows at the Cotton Club in Chicago, entertained the troops during World War II, ran his own nightclub in Los Angeles and spent 20 years as the master of ceremonies at the Apollo Theater in New York.

Blog of Death Apr.17.04


'Ghost Time: one ghost, two coming'
Thaddeus Strode
Galerie Michael Janssen

Sims: The Game

There are different ways to die:
fouryou can drown in the pool if you swim laps for 24 hours
four and(the Disaster Family all drowned in the pool
four andexcept the little girlfourwho kept going
four andto school after they diedfourshe was perfect)

Elizabeth Spires
Poetry Daily

link :::wood s lot::: Apr.16.04

Be thou made whole by this
and find substance in air
where no substance was.
Out of the murk
and into the glare...



Buy things from Carol Lay
who has confirmed and encouraged many good people for some time now.
She is undergoing some karmic readjustment owing to difficulties in her personal life.


"... And I think people who are sitting at home contemplating what this really portends need to look at demanding and need, in fact, to demand antitrust action because in lieu of that, this is going to be looked at as a horrendous, perhaps irreversible step, towards the concentration of media control in very, very few hands.

Yes, this is the radiohead website..."

Most writers in the course of their careers become thick-skinned and learn to accept vituperation, which in any other profession would be unimaginably offensive, as a healthy counterpoise to unintelligent praise.
—Evelyn Waugh
quoted at The Word Spy

Intersex serve the one god of joy
in the body and wreck ourselves at the altar
of summer nights...

Robin Becker
Poetry Daily

Bernard Descamps
la photographie

L'Homme Dans La Lune

Kiss Kiss



Ann Patchett's loving remembrance of Lucy Grealy.
At New York Metro.
From a search for images of Ms. Grealy.
After a eulogy by Sven Birkerts.
From a link at Riley Dog.

Ann Patchett also linked at Mighty Girl


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