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Henri-Joseph Harpignies at google and at artcyclopedia

peter fetterman gallery online has expanded wonderfully since the last time I was there

'A' Gallery New Orleans extensive photograper links list

norton simon museum

snippets of poguery


museum of the city of new york

George Eastman House has a growing list of a lot of easily accessed photographs by people like


many unidentified photgraphers,

Lewis Hine,

Joe Rosenthal's Iwo Jima,

and other images of historical significance,

or just plain marvels like this combination birdcage aquarium plant stand

and discoveries like Frederick Sommer

this photgraph is most amusing

whereas this is most disquieting

erykah badu
from a link at umusic

ancient futures drum lesson 2 against 3


tart kitsch by women such as Jennifer Spear

angelique kidjo homepage w/au's

HUGE music links some broken


korean flower dance

komungo player

Won Ok-hwa plays the sanjo of Kang Te-hon

these particular guys sent me here, to the Yaeyama Islands

"Taketomi is best known for its star-shaped sand, the fossilized skeletons of diminutive sea animals, found along its western shore."

two tunes from the Texas Blue Destroyers

reed organ tunes

the saintly Mr. Garfias provides 23 Albanian 78's

a kumpit. from the Philipines. in Osaka. in Japan. in a museum.

The place within the palace where formal suicides took place

blind samisen player in hong kong 60's

canadian virtual museum of instrument research laboratory of music recherche du etc.

one of those lists where the people you DO know
make you believe in the ones you don't know yet

Paul Kelly has a lyrical way

Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble & Lena Willemark

the Malagasy valiha and in an orchestra

and its wondrous use in modern times

Mr. Garfias on the bamboo origins of the Asian zither(Chi'in,koto,vahila...) with an example from the Philipine jungle

words about music from Hollow Ear everbody from Musica Antigua to Janis Ian and Philip Glass

balafon Senegal

big bunch of Dylan/Robertson clips from 60's

Ulali _Pura Fé (Tuscarora), Soni (Mayan, Apache, Yaqui), and Jennifer (Tuscarora.)

Sargent's Head of an Italian Woman

earth songs Native 'american' music

Roscoe Mitchell interview and we end up back at hmm

ethnic clips roumanian gypsy(Rom)diva and more

link came from here

Sargent at Harvard


sweet praise for äda'web from walker art center

Really extensive Sargent links

Claude Monet Painting At The Edge of The Wood, by John Singer Sargent
{first thing is the light, her dress, the leaves, and more subdued, his hat and shirt and that band of sunlight behind the trees, then you see his sleeve, awkwardly disappearing. but it goes into the painting, into his canvas, his hand is going into his canvas. a little corny, but its the awkwardness of love. this painting radiates love, of Monet, of color, of the woods, and like all great art, of life. see the arch of color supported at one end by the still, angelic figure of Monet's soon-to-be wife. and the other end of the arch held by the trees rising from Monet's canvas and Monet himself. those brilliant flashes above them, and the perfect cauldron of his palette. her patience, his intensity. lucky Sargent to know that moment, lucky us for his genius effort.}

Recorders Part of the reason is, since the recorder uses some cross-fingerings in every key, the rapid-fire ornamentation of Irish traditional tunes is not easily produced. Also the tone of the recorder, though sweet, has a focused edge which many whistle players find unpleasant.
There are exceptions, however, to everything, and the exception to the above is the excellent singer and recorderist Emma Christian, who plays the recorder in the ornamented style of the wooden flute, and does it very well indeed.

Worldwide Internet Music Resources: National, International, and World Music


Jean Shepherd: The Night People vs Creeping Meatballism - Cover{funky grafix but it IS Mad Magazine from the 50's, and it IS Jean Shepherd}

Train In Vain Tab So alone, I keep the wolves at bay
And there's only one thing I can say


A F#m Bm

The Monkey Power Trio Black Fulton
1.4M mp3

japanese rollerblade grind girls





The Pitney Brooch

dream house

Fujiyama100 British Museum compass

the astonishing Scott Greene

from a series at Orion

chinese folk (girl of DaBan City)



mtn(hillbilly) gospel

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