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Albumsomehow this links with a pic of a beach tableau that is eternal perfection, this is tanya and she is also perfect


Folk File: I music reference guide

Metropolis Magazine what Ben Katchor's always had


H E S P E G A L L E R Y eric zener search

Mary Anne Cannella 500 boldface exclamation points would only fail and impinge. Trying to honor the gravity and humble acceptance of the weight she bears so delicately like Atlas tweezing a sliver from a child's hand. She says: "I hope I am able to convey even a glimpse of the beauty that compels me to paint." And to me she has . More than a glimpse, much more.

DNFA Diane Nelson Fine Art has the most elegant web presence I've yet seen


Mendenhall Gallery, Pasadena/Los Angeles mark ryden search led to richard bunkall!!!and sally storch bunkall!!! and margaret caldwell!! rKenton Nelson !!! Glen Ness!! and many others!!! deep gratitude to the Mendenhall Gallery for their online presence and discerning assembly

Sally Storch Bunkall

Mendenhall Gallery, Pasadena/Los Angeles

Mark Ryden | Biography galleries wherein this blasphemous creature displays its horrific perversions of divine grace


"Hermaphrodite Protagonist": The Misreading of Bone Dance the gender diamond alone is worth the price of admission, clear and perfectly stated defense of what has been so long a persecuted voiceless minority, then swept up under the umbrella of 'gay rights' and on, but this is where the boundaries of my homeland began, at the edge of this unknowable reach, and more, it's not that we all had this in common but our freakishness our monstrous nature our abnormality our unfitness our mutated selves, all of that and something I need the grace and clarity of mental health to see and describe, and I don't have that at present. I would die for the Hensley twins. I would stand in the road for the safety of their parents, against all that sniggering thug mindlessness and the spectator death that is America now, my heart blackens at what must be happening to them as they grow toward maturity, and I will never go back into that sick dungeon of fawning for acceptance, this is one of the measures, the impossible graph of the things I've lost in this pitiful captivity... anyway I think this (Raphael Carter) is the same person that does honeyguide. amazing to backdoor in this way searching for more of this: an image I have responded to emotionally, with heartfelt willingness

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