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Lost in Translation
Ms. Coppola's previous feature, a screen adaptation of "The Virgin Suicides," was informed more substantially by the score by the group Air than by the narrative. She also allows Bob a chance to croon some karaoke, including a cover of Roxy Music's "More Than This."

Certainly we anticipate Mr. Murray's trashy sarcasm when he steps in front of a microphone, but we cringe slightly; if he whips Bryan Ferry's doomed narcissism around his throat like a scarf, the kind of thing he did when he invented this routine in the late 1970's on "Saturday Night Live," he'll get his laugh and demolish the movie. Instead he renders the song with a goofy delicacy; his workingman's suavity and generosity carry the day...
Elvis Mitchell NYTimes 09.12.03

Anne Clark



This is the face of evil
and this too

Though of course it's a relative thing, and to their children they're just Mom and Dad.

Kúluskítnum fagnað
rough translation from the Icelandic: exultant marbles (kuluskit sing.).
Though the context makes me think it's the 'lake ball festival', the literal translation is 'exultant balls of shit' .
We have seen these little green aliens before.

Update: further in with Martin Kelly
Regional Promotion Division of Akan-cho's Town Hall
and Angie Nakano. Thank you.

Lethal Outcome
Viktor Butra

Hatching The Secret
Tina Blondell
Maxwell Mackenzie
Tristan Schane
at Fraser Gallery

Tina Blondell at Holzemer Gallery

John Winslow

Judy Chicago
Jim Dine
Ginnie Gardiner
Hans Hoffman
Robert Longo
Su Xinping
and many more at Flanders Contemporary Art

Su Xinping at Redgate Gallery
Lu Peng

Ada Bird
Australian Aboriginal Artists
at Willow 88


This image,
by Marcus Silva, at BaseV, is funny

Circle of Courage
"...explaining why people do what they do and how we should treat others and educate students...

The most important component, upon which the other three are based is a well developed sense of 'Belonging'. Humans have a need to feel valued, important and protected by feel comfortable and welcomed within a group: family, friends, colleagues, etc..."

"The Circle of Courage, being a medicine wheel, is made up of four quadrants: Belonging, Generosity, Mastery and Independence. Brokenleg teaches that these capacities are inherent in each of us and need to be relatively balanced for us to live balanced social lives. It's fairly obvious that any services directed towards children need to foster all four of these areas."
Parking Lot

Mayakovski (Portrait from Above with Suprematist Compositions)
Ruslan Vashkevich
Royden Prior
link path thru gmtplus9

Bid Me Be the Bird
poem by Nance Van Winckel
Verse Daily


Wasn't it Marianne Moore who described poetry as "imaginary lunch bags with real frogs in them"?
Bellona Times

Andrew Wyeth
Dodges Ridge
___compare with Oliviera and Whistler

The Kingdom Slept
Edmund Dulac at PODkids


Christopher Mulrooney

Millard Sheets
Tenement Flats
Island Girl
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
at Karges Fine Art (not in online inventory)
Angel's Flight
"In accordance with this mandate, the Millard Sheets Gallery is dedicated to promoting cultural awareness and aesthetic appreciation by making art available to everyone. By providing our large and diverse audience of over 400,000 an introduction to art, aesthetics and the museum experience, it strives to expand knowledge and enrich lives."

"So, loving the Berkshire landscape, loving the glare of sunlight on the snow, loving the blue shadows, and the depths of space, loving that world in sunshine and under clouds, loving all the world and life…I painted."

Snow Fields (Winter in the Berkshires)
Rockwell Kent

Charles Edward Halle

Victory Flag over Reichstag1945
—Evgeny Khaldei

National Guard Arrest, Sit-in, Cambridge, Maryland
Danny Lyon

Tintern Village web site

Francis Bacon Image Gallery_Peter Lacy:
"And then much later, for some reason, he sent this telegram asking me to go out and stay with him again in Tangier. It was all over between us, but like a fool I went. Peter wasn't there when I arrived. Of course. But there was this Arab boy, it sounds perfectly mad, but he was sitting up in a fig tree in the courtyard and he asked whether he could pick the figs. I said yes, certainly he could. And in the end he climbed in through the window, and he was terribly good-looking. Then Peter came back, I'm afraid, and found us both in bed, and he got so absolutely mad he went round and broke every single thing in the place. Even though there was nothing between us any more. I had to go out and try and spend the night on the beach. By that time Peter was drinking three bottles of whiskey a day, which no one can take. He was killing himself with drink. He set out to do it, like suicide, and I think in the end his pancreas simply exploded. Anyway, after that disastrous trip, I had no news of him until the day the exhibition of mine opened at the Tate Gallery (1962) and, along with all the other telegrams, I got this one saying he had just died."

Edward Hopper

F. Cayley Robinson
Tate Online
Garden Party
George Tooker
image at Tigertail Virtual Museum

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