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Konketsu, Reviews, alphabetically by artist {bunch of bands with weird juxtapositional inserts of say Kinks or say Mingus. from a well done interview with a Beachwood Spark} desert skies etc. mp3


Palatji, the singing goat girl of Areyonga, [Northern Territory].

BBC 7 Little Australians

Ethel second from right with Adrian and Jean

natives Northern Territory australia

Wandjuk Marika


more why

Adrian and Jean plus friends and again

finding this is why I spend the time

Ethel at 20 and at 58 and agelessly present

house where Ethel Turner wrote 'Seven Little Australians'

Ethel at the sundial in Avenel gardens

Ethel and Jean



right in the middle of a bunch of australian folk musicians real ones old folks from the 50's people that made music because it was what they had not what they wanted, all they had

australian visuals

Balkan Music; A Personal Journey On returning to Australia, I wondered how my new passion for Macedonian music could continue to develop. One night while busking with the gaida outside Hoyts cinema complex in Sydney, about 15 young Macedonian men started dancing to the music and I soon discovered a rich and thriving Macedonian culture alive and well in Sydney. This encouraged me to organise a two-month tour for Lazo, Mile Kolarov (a wonderful 73 year-old kaval player who had lived in the same village as Lazo and played in the Radio Skopje Orchestra for many years), Chris Gunstone (a tambura player with whom I had played in the Zivko Firfov group) and myself under the name of Orkestar Grupa PecaIbari (see photo).
We played concerts, dances and workshops in Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong and Melbourne in early 1979 and recorded the album "Dojdovme" (soon to be re-released on CD).

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