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thousands. thousands of choir and chorus samples. including the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

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Start at string number 6 or your lowest pitch (and the thickest)
Standard Egyptian/Arab: D G A D G C
Old Turkish Classical: A D E A D G (most instruments will need a heavier gauge
string set for this specific tuning). New Turkish Classical: F# B E A D G Turkish/Armenian: E A B E A D Turkish/Armenian Variant: C# F# B E A D Standard Cumbus: D E A D G C Cumbus can also use any Oud tuning

sibelius academy folk songs

and sibelius academy links

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early music links
dunedin ra


Namnlös Normal sida the things it makes become the thing that makes them

Art Gallery of New South Wales


Ace of WAV 2.5 this is a major major source

This instead of the genetically modifried featherless rooster

tantrum ego indeed

good sounds

really good sfx

Now it's your turn to experiment with timbre...
VERY important site for cool edit

I started playing electric guitar for this sound. When I was school boy,I heard this a friend of mine played in school party. It was magic...
{not me. some Japanese guy. cool site with clear instruction}

roman villa rustica in teutonic hinterland revealed

secret garden

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Google Search: paris-kiev canada

Susana Seivane / cdRoots

Chimurenga Chimurenga is a Shona word which means to fight or struggle


Untitled Document music links of a global nature

Thumbnails - Moths of North America Photo Thumbnails

Animal Gallery Smithsonian National Zoological Park photo-realist loving arc of giraffe love with the future and the past both represented in vanishing point hope and honor, and the doors of heartfelt science so open and protectively strong. with the immediate past acknowledged and left behind.

Audio archive of ILLH KarRC RAS. Musical samples karelian heart and soul. ecoutez 9

OLD TATAR SONGS What I did below is transferring the songs to the computer

KOLIADA - MUSICUS BORTNIANSKII CHAMBER CHOIR Shchedryk (Ephiphany Carol) - M. Leontovych (schedryk.ra, stereo, 162K bytes)
Rachel's Lament - T. Kupchynsky (neplach.ra, stereo, 186K bytes)

The Ukrainians Oi Divchyno (oi_divch.ra, 73K)
Our protagonist asks his female companion to ride his horse. The listener is encouraged to freely interpret the literary subtext.

THE ROSTOV BELLS Bells I Classical chimes I Newly composed and uniform chimes

Vasyl Nechepa, Kobzar - Lyrnik Various songs were sung by the kobzar - lyricists. About the poor villagers' fate, and songs of protests. Many songs of love were sung. They sang, as you can see, humourous songs, even though the life of the kobzars was not easy. Not easy was the life of the people, and the kobzar travelled around to somehow brighten this difficult, village life

Ukrainian Music Library Kobzar on the road,

Ukrayins'ki Kolyadky ta Schedrivky The National Men's Choir of Ukraine perform renditions of Ukrainian carols, with guest soloists. The performances are truly ethereal, and beautifully executed. Several sound samples are available below

Bandura - Victor Mishalow Bandura Magic

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