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Erechtheion (detail)

J. Pascal Sébah
Art and Architecture (quick, painless, reg. req. for search)
Courtauld Institute of Art



-landscape, tree, art, bromoil print
-dog, figure, Tabor
-Dog[s], tree[s], landscape, [men]
-Sweet shop on Zizka from Trocnov Square, 20's
-Excercises with the axes
-Kotnov from Holecek park, 1902
-Start of motorcycle race in Tábor, 1928
-Tabor, saint's-day, festival, Vrtacky, car, group
-Car, Lomnice
Digital archive of Sechtl & Vosecek atheliers
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The Locust Song

That zero now, the "black hole"
of the astronomers . . . by now it's the rose

and the willow and the rainbow and the nightingale
of two generations of us; string theory is easily the sunrise
over the Mediterranean Sea of us. "I think of . . ." then
a historical reference, Mendel, Bruegel, Mata Hari,
how many times? The prize and the prize and the prize.
A swarm of prizes...

Albert Goldbarth
Poetry Daily


Balaklava Looking Seaward
Roger Fenton, 1856
Vintage Works
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TCM already today:
Busby Berkeley's Bright Lights with Joe E. Brown and Ann Dvorak;
and right now:
Earthworm Tractors!


Great geography learning apps, with skill levels and instant feedback.
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Was it here?
Or here?
Possibly this?
Here maybe?
This seems unlikely and yet...

Ah, here it is!
I think.

Walt Whitman & his rebel soldier friend Pete Doyle, Washington, D.C., 1865

Up Late, Reading Whitman

...or in the eyes of the woman
at the register whose name tag says "Mary Shelley," though she
does not know the other Mary Shelley, and certainly claims no
relation, though what body is not a relation?

James Kimbrell
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