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Instead of the missing Oddities, this will have to do:

Hazel Ruffles had all the diamonds. Alison Chivers held the hearts. The spades were with the dummy.

One Web Day
for Boynton
The Queer, the Quaint, and the Quizzical was a book in the university library stacks I found just wandering years ago, when I was young, and read for a while each time I was there. A 19th c. miscellany of weird stuff.
So Futility Closet is a compendium of things drawn from suchlike books, and many of them, and it was what I was going to link to as the One Web Day example of the internet's provident nature and overall good richness.
So but of course it is currently down, or gone, or missing for a while.
This after spending a few hours today poring over its Oddities archive.
Which may reappear any moment now.
As the somewhat missing Ramage has done.

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